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Want to learn more about natural dog health care? Canine nutrition? Causes, prevention and cures for disease and common health problems? I’m Andrea Partee, free dog health coach and author.

Andrea Partee, dog health coach, dog owner, dog lover, pit bull devotee and authorHere's a favorite picture of me with my Pit Bull Bonz when he was 14. You'll find more about him inside.

I have real answers for you. As it turns out, pretty much everything we've learned about canine health care is wrong and treating a dog symptom rather than the whole dog doesn't work.

My explanations aren't really anything new. In fact they've been known for hundreds of years and most have simply been forgotten.

What I have to share with you will save you money, your canine's health and hopefully even make you think about your own health, all without spending a dime; but you have to be willing to read it.

Why would I do this?

I love dogs and while I can't undo any of the past mistakes I made with my own, I sure can help you avoid them.

Losing dogs to things like diabetes or cancer isn't just luck of the draw.

Even if a dog has a predisposition for a disease, we are either fueling it or keeping it at bay by what we do.

Food Heals

The most important thing I've learned about natural health is, you are what you eat. Now I don't know why I didn't think about this for my dogs when I learned it about humans. My own mother taught me when I was a child to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and to keep processed foods to a minimum because the more a food is processed, the less nutrition it has.

Then why on earth did I let years of dog food commercials kept me from thinking for myself? What a dummy! Dog health doesn't come in a bag, a box or even a pill.

A Human Example

Twenty six years ago my two-year-old son was diagnosed with severe asthma. Putting the nebulizer mask over that little guy's face every day just broke my heart. And the side effects of those steroids on his body (and his personality) was not good.

It turned out it was something in his diet. I thought I was feeding him a healthy diet but I was wrong. He hasn't needed any drugs for 24 years. He eats a lot of fresh organic, unprocessed foods and runs 6 miles a few times a week, rock climbs and leaves me in awe.

In other words, food heals.

Dog Health Through Nutrition

Dog illness comes from nutritional deficiency so whole foods and herbs (which are an extension of FOOD/nutrition) bring the body back to a state of health. Here are just a sample of things you won't have to deal with if he eats truly nutritious foods:

  • an itchy dog
  • dog allergy symptoms
  • dog dandruff
  • dog ear infections
  • dog depression
  • sarcoptic mange
  • pancreatitis in dogs
  • dog ear mites
  • dog skin disorders
  • kennel cough
  • dog parasites
  • intestinal inflammation
  • dog farts
  • kidney disease in dogs
  • canine liver disease
  • fleas

All the above are dog symptoms and a body's cry for help. I could give hundreds of other examples, but you get my point right? The bottom line is we are either strengthening their body or weakening it with ever single thing we feed them and every pill, every vaccine or anything we put on their skin.

The skin? Yes. In case you forgot (and most people do) the skin is the largest organ of the body and to respect that, nothing and I do mean nothing except what you can EAT should go on the skin.

Side note: This reminds me of a recent family dialogue. . .

Question: "Where is the avocado facial I left in the fridge?"

Answer: "Sorry about that . . .but it was delicious! Could you make a double batch next time?"

Now what about the other stuff that goes on our dogs? Here's an example.

Using Dog Flea Control

My Pit Bull Helen after a

Back when I fed commercial dog food, my crew got a flea infestation you wouldn't believe. I used a topical flea 'medication'.

Even though the commercials showed healthy happy dogs who no longer scratched, I'd never understood how you could put poison on a dog's skin that would soak into his body and not hurt him, especially when it burned my finger.

I should have listened to my instincts instead of the commercials or the vets who promote this stuff. That picture is my dog Helen and the damage isn't from fleas, it's from the flea medication.

I'd nearly killed her out of ignorance and my other dogs  were sick as well. (This photo wasn't taken until after she started to heal!)

I was angry at the system, became passionate about real dog health and healing in a more natural way. I began reading everything I could get my hands.  Two years later (in 2007) the Three Little Pitties website for dog health was born. I continue to read, take classes, go to webinars, watch videos - anything I can to continue learning and I've been helping dogs through their owners ever since.

By the way, I haven't seen a flea in years.

Recipe for Dog Health

Pit Bull exercise

What can you do? Learn about the following:

  • Quality foods and snacks
  • Pure clean water (no chlorine or fluoride)
  • Exercise
  • Supplements or remedies that help the body heal itself
  • Stop the use of things that are toxic to your dog

It's hard to learn and do everything overnight. Like my naturopath told me over 20 years ago, "Andrea, we are creatures of habit. Take baby steps in the direction you want to go and they will add up."

She was (and still is) an awesome coach for my health and I don't know if I could have done it without her so now I'm offering to be your dog health coach.

Dogs contribute so much to our lives. Their loyalty is amazing, their goofiness fills us with laughter and their trust is complete. And they rely on us to keep them healthy.

If what I say makes sense to you, sign up for my newsletter. Why? The minute you leave you will likely forget 70% of what you've learned today and I'm not about "buy this product and fix your dog" because it simply won't work. It's not a quick fix, its an understanding that grows over time and takes lots of little steps to get where you want to be. When you commit to read even a short something every week or two, your knowledge compounds and you understand much more.

In a year you may say to yourself, "I can't believe I ever thought..." and in two or three years you may find that this gradual input which has been totally painless has changed you and the health of your dogs and future dogs forever. That is my wish for you.

Along with tips that remind you to think for yourself, I will share occasional offers in case you want more in depth learning through classes.

Let's make our dogs healthier one dog at a time so we can be as loyal to them as they are to us.

If there is anything you want answers to before you go, there's the handy navigational bar on the left or you can use the Search Dog Health page to find specific subjects of interest to you. Some popular pages are about garlic for dogs, antibiotic side effects, raw dog food recipes, home remedies for dogs and during the warm season my flea pages are bustling!

Last but not least, since I am also a dog owner,  dog lover, pit bull devotee and author of humorous books, you will find I use many personal stories as I teach along with some dog stories just for fun.

To Dog Health!


P.S. Three Little Pitties isn't like other websites. I have no sponsors and almost no ads. The few I have are in exchange for a free Google search of this website (and bring in a whopping ten cents a day) so you can find answers to your questions in the hundreds of pages here.

Think of me as the PBS of websites. I'm passionate about education and run on donations, book sales and a few suggested supplements I trust to work well. If my website is of value to you, please visit the tip jar by clicking below.

Happy Healthy Ice, the Pit Bull

Three Little Pitties  is named after Lily, Kirby and Moo, the pit bull pups my family and I raised together while we worked 12 hour days or more and didn't give them the guidance they needed.  They taught us so much about dogs and ourselves... sometimes more than we wanted to know. I will be forever grateful.

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