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Want to learn more about natural dog health care? Canine nutrition? Causes, prevention and cures for disease and common health problems? I’m Andrea Partee, free dog health coach and author.

It might surprise you to know things you thought were necessary for optimum heath are actually breaking down the immune system.  Some problems show up almost immediately such as hot spots, skin disorders, allergies, fleas and intestinal worms. Others happen slowly inside where you can't see them and you're floored when your dog has seizures or is diagnosed with diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease (renal failure) or ...cancer.

It's time to understand how and why.

Andrea Partee, dog health coach, dog owner, dog lover, pit bull devotee and author

Welcome. I'm Andrea Partee, dog health coach, dog owner, dog lover, pit bull devotee and author of humorous books. (Boy I sound busy don’t I?)

Here's a favorite picture of me with my Pit Bull Bonz when he was 14. You'll find out more about him inside.

Before we start I'd like to make something perfectly clear. This website has no sponsors and almost no ads. I'm like the PBS of websites. I'm more about education and run on donations, book sales and a few suggested supplements I trust to work well.

Okay, let's get started.

Dog Nutrition

The most important thing I've learned about natural health is, you are what you eat. Now I don't know why I didn't think about this for my dogs when I learned it about humans.

Maybe those years of dog food commercials kept me from thinking for myself.

A Human Example

The beginning of my road to natural health began over 20 years ago. My two-year-old son was diagnosed with severe asthma. Putting the nebulizer mask over that little guy's face every day just broke my heart. And what it did to his personality and his body was not good.

One day when picking him up from his playgroup, another mom approached me and suggested I take him off dairy products. I thought the woman was insane. I'd been taught from an early age that milk and cheese were good for us. I think the old commercial slogan was 'helps build strong bodies in 12 ways'.

Still, I loved my son so much. What would it hurt to stop dairy for awhile and see what happened? After three weeks his asthma was gone and he hasn't needed any drugs for 24 years.

When his pediatrician didn't believe me, I sought out a naturopath and learned more about foods and natural cures. Amazingly, after that it was rare that I or any of my three children got sick and when we did, we healed much faster. Our main fare was unprocessed foods.

Lack of Nutrition & Using Commercial Products Creates Dog Health Problems

Now, let's look at an experience I had with my dogs.

My Pit Bull Helen after a

I fed my dogs processed dog food. They got a flea infestation you wouldn't believe. Not knowing what else to do, I used a topical flea 'medication'. Even though the commercials showed healthy happy dogs who no longer scratched, I'd never understood how you could put poison on a dog's skin that would soak into his body and not hurt him, especially when it burned my finger.

The picture on the right isn't from fleas, it's from the flea medication.

I'd nearly killed my own dog out of ignorance and the others three were sick as well. I became passionate about dog health and healing in a more natural way. Two years later, the Three Little Pitties website for dog health was born.

Recipe for Canine Health

The most important ingredients for natural health come from these things.

Pit Bull exercise
  • Quality foods and snacks
  • Pure clean water (no chlorine or fluoride)
  • Exercise
  • Supplements or remedies that help the body heal itself

Hold on to something in case this is news to you. The healthiest dog foods do not come in a bag or a can. Water from your tap may be hurting your dog and exercise actually stimulates the immune system.

Now the rest of the recipe for dog health is not what to add, but what to take away.

  • Minimal vaccines. Keep up to date on this one.
  • Cut back or stop medicines that relieve symptoms only. Things like cortisone and prednisone for example have some long term side effects that scare the pants off of me and they should you too. (Be CAREFUL though - some drugs must be weaned slowly or they may kill your dog.)

And now I'm going to add one more component I think is important to dog health.


I bet you're surprised I have discipline listed aren't you? It took me even longer to understand dog behavior than it did to understand dog health.  I'm not talking about training per se, but how we interact.

Dogs are not little humans and once we get this through our thick skulls, it's like giving our canine family members a gift. They are calmer when they know where they fit it and who is in charge. After all, what is one of the most common reasons for illness in humans? Stress. And so it goes for our pups as well.

Here's Helen whose nick name was Hellion

I am not a dog trainer nor do I want to be. What you will find on this website are my personal stories and tips from professionals that can change your relationship with your dog for the better. All while going through your normal routine.

I'd love for you to read about the proper way to greet your dog. It's listed under dog behavior modification and its step one in getting respect from our canines, because it uses their own rules.

Another question I have for you is, do you just put the food bowl down and let him dig in, or does he have to wait? Making a dog wait is not mean. It's good for the dog and likely the only mental exercise canines get nowadays. 

                                          * * *

My goal is to help you with dog health care through nutrition,  observation and supplementation. This will keep your vet appointments to a minimum. And a little dog behavior modification can't hurt.

And because I'm a writer, you'll find dog stories and human stories as well. May you enjoy this website and find it useful; even enlightening at times.

Happy Healthy Ice, the Pit Bull

Dogs contribute so much to our lives. Their loyalty is amazing, their goofiness fills us with laughter and their trust is complete. And they rely on us to keep them healthy.

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In honor of your dogs and mine, this site is dedicated with love to dog health . . . with a little human laughter on the side ;-)


Andrea Partee

The Three Little Pitties Café is named after Lily, Kirby and Moo, the pit bull pups my family and I raised together while we worked 12 hour days or more and didn't give them the guidance they needed.  They taught us so much about dogs and ourselves... sometimes more than we wanted to know. I will be forever grateful.


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