Benefits of Alfalfa for Dogs

For dog health, here are the benefits of alfalfa. Chock full of antioxidants for dogs, sprouting your own organic seeds is a breeze.

Alfalfa sprouts for dogs? My Lulu loves them so much she goes cross eyed!

When I first started supplementing my dogs food and didn't have a clue what to buy for them, I shared my own supplements. While I noticed a positive difference after just a few weeks from my super green product, it was far too expensive for my budget.

Since then I have incorporated the main ingredient, alfalfa in both mine and my dogs food by sprouting them myself. Sometimes its fun and sometimes it gets old.

It has been a month since I sprouted any and I'm missing them. The funny part is what my dogs do. Obviously they must sense some benefits of alfalfa because when I sit the jar in the window sill they will sit and beg before they are even ready! Whoever would have thought that would happen?

Nutrients in Alfalfa

Alfalfa contains so many nutrients that it would bore me to list them and you to read them. Let's just say its full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and fiber and is truly a superfood.

In fact, the only superfood better that I have read about is Norwegian kelp, so I use some of both. What I love about sprouting organic alfalfa is it is so fresh, I wonder if the nutrients might be a bit better than a dried kelp or alfalfa powder.

How to Serve Alfalfa Sprouts

First I tried putting them on sandwiches for me and mixing it in my dogs homemade raw food for them. It works okay but I got bored with mine and they left little sprouts stuck to the bowls.

Then I tried putting them through the food processor just before dinnertime (here's my recipes.) It worked. Then one day I offered a handful to one of the dogs as a treat. I was shocked to see the look on Lulu's face. (She looks cross-eyed in the first picture doesn't she?) That dog went to town and ate it all, then asked for more. We were on to something.

Dog loves alfalfa sprout

So all this came to mind because I set the jar of barely sprouted seeds in the window sill this morning and Bonz sat next to it and begged!

Growing Alfalfa Sprouts for Your Dog

I got a sprout jar lid that screws onto a mason jar (under $1). I put 2 Tablespoons of organic alfalfa seeds (12 oz. bag for $6.99 which lasts forever) in the jar with some water and swirl it around.

I leave the seeds sitting in water in the jar for 24 hours in a dark cupboard. After that, I drain, rinse and drain again twice a day for two days. It keeps them moist enough to sprout but not too wet to mold.

Then I put the jar in the window sill or near a window and rinse once a day for two days. By the end of 4 days total, they have tiny green leaves and we start munching on them. With 5 dogs they only last a few days but they will keep in the fridge. I never seem to get to the fridge part because they go pretty fast.

Alternative to Sprouting

If you want the benefits of alfalfa without the hassle of growing them and the fear of them spoiling in the fridge before you use them, you can buy Alfalfa (100 caps) through my Purchase NSP page.

Benefits of Alfalfa to Vitamins for Dogs

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