Dog Ear Hematoma

A dog ear hematoma or aural hematoma is a broken blood vessel. Since I self treated 3 of my dogs I will share both  homeopathic and herbal remedies and how to keep them from reoccurring.

First let me say I know how you're feeling right now. Worried and hurting for your dog. Maybe you're questioning the surgery or maybe you're trying to find an alternative. I'll do my best to help because I understand that feeling of helplessness and it stinks.

I originally wrote this page in 2010. Since I'm a constant student for anything to do with dog health, I have added a bit more information on dog ear hematoma since then. And while I mentioned in the video above that fleas seem to be the main culprit, let me expand on that a bit.

You see, healthy dogs don't get fleas. Yup. It's true, so be my guest and download the free flea book on this page. I'll explain more about causes after I share my own experience and how I cured those ugly dog ear hematomas.

In a two year period, four of my five dogs went through it and I had no doubt the scratching and head shaking from fleas was the culprit, since none of them had an ear infection.

Note: A wonderful reader dropped me a line to let me know her dog did not have fleas when she went through this but she did suffer from chronic dog ear yeast infections. I love my readers because I hadn't even thought of that. Click on the link to deal with yeasty ears naturally.

Helen and the First Aural Hematoma

Helen's right ear disfigurement after aural hematoma

This girl had one sneaky dog ear hematoma. Helen always held her ears back so I didn't notice hers until a third of her ear flap looked like a mini-balloon.

With no money for a vet, I wracked my brain for an at home cure. I tried to lance it with a new sterile razor blade to release blood and ease the pain from the pressure. Don't do it.

I got a very small opening which bled a little, then clotted. I'm a weenie. I left the room and cried. I had no idea how much pressure to apply with the blade. It hadn't been enough and I just couldn't do it again. I am not a vet. I am not a doctor, but I wanted to help. Next step. Plan B.

Homeopathy. I tried a few remedies with no visible effect. In the meantime, Helen's entire ear flap filled with blood and looked as if it would explode any minute. After three weeks, I hit the jackpot.

Within a few hours of giving her Sulphur 30X her ear went down very quickly, but much damage had been done. (Total time from beginning to healing approximately 5 weeks.) That's when I noticed...

Bonz's Ear Swelled
Dog Ear Hematoma #2

After giving Bonz Sulphur 30X his aural hematoma was gone in 7 days

I gave Bonz the same remedy I'd given Helen. I caught his almost immediately and it was gone in a few days. (Total time from beginning to healing 1 week.) I thought I was on to something. Notice just the tip of the right ear was affected permanently. I think it's kind of cute and goes with his soulful eyes.

 Daddy's Boy Gets an Dog Ear Hematoma

My husband's dog Moo long after aural hematoma was treated surgically. Too bad it left scar tissue

The ear on my husband's dog Moo swelled up but I was out of the homeopathic remedy. Not that it mattered. The man didn't care what I had to say about it, he rushed his boy to the vet and had surgery done.

Looking back on it I'm glad he did because I had something to compare. First he had to be sedated. (I mean Moo but my husband probably should have been too.) Not only does this disorient a dog but the drugs have to be cleansed out of the system making the organs work harder to purge them. The vet also put him on antibiotics to avoid infection and those mess up the good bacteria in the gut which affect digestion and overall health.

As you can see Moo's ears looked nearly perfect after the surgery but it took nearly two months to heal; he had as much pain and discomfort as the others and I know it affected his long term health as well.

Oh No! Not Another Dog Ear Hematoma!

Notice the before and after and how the affected ear ended up with a permanent crease.

Dog ear hematoma healed by itself with Lily but her left ear has a crease in it

Nearly two years later, my Lily had a rather large left ear. The swelling was over 2" long. (Sorry her ear picture is blurry.) The day before a holiday, I couldn't make the 60 mile drive to the healthy food store for Sulphur 30X.

It was a week before I could get the Sulphur. As it turned out, the remedy did not work for her. At the time I thought it was because I didn't catch it soon enough or another remedy was needed. I am not trained in homeopathy, but I keep 24 remedy kit on hand (minus the sulphur I'd used up.)

For me, it was two out of three so I decided to share. Since then, with the feedback I've gotten from this page through email and facebook commenting it seems the sooner the remedy is given, the better the chances of it helping.

If you keep homeopathic remedies on hand or live near a place to buy them it's certainly worth trying.

It seems what may be most important is treating the original cause so let's go over that now.

Causes of Dog Ear Hematoma

We know a blood vessel breaks inside the ear. The more it bleeds, the bigger the ear gets. But why does it break in the first place?

  • Shaking the head repeatedly due to yeast, parasites or infection
  • Scratching overzealously due to yeast, parasites or infection
  • Blunt trauma to the ear (usually by hitting object while shaking the head vigorously) and usually due to yeast, parasites or infection

Treatments Options

  • Aspirate and drain
  • Surgically cut, drain and stitch
  • Try Sulphur 30X if you can treat soon
  • Use herbal type remedies for pain and healing
  • Leave alone. It will eventually self heal but disfigure the ear somewhat.

My Suggestions for Dog Ear Hematoma Treatment

Unless you prefer surgery, here are my answers after pondering the dog ear hematoma problem for nearly four years.

Treat for the underlying problem, reduce pain and help the healing process begin naturally. There are two steps to the process.

Step One: Treat for yeast, parasites and infection all at once naturally so there are no side effects. Especially since sometimes it is the antibiotic side effects that get them into this pickle in the first place.

Options are:

  • Silver Shield Gel will kill bacterial in a canine ear infection AND dog ear yeast infection. (If like me, you only have the liquid you can spray it in the ear)  ...or
  • Use homemade raw apple cider vinegar ear wash for yeast ears or garlic/olive oil recipe for minor infection and to kill ear mites. Free recipes are on my dog ear cleaning pages. 

Step Two: Reduce the pain and promote healing

  • Natures Fresh Enzme Spray. I found out about this from a master herbalist I take classes from. It's great for a plethora of problems. (My big word for the day.) To see a bit about what it does and why it works, read the PDF on it at Enzyme Spray. Even if it didn't have healing powers I'd use it for pain reduction.
  • Try Sulphur 30X if you have it on hand or can get it the first 24 hours. Dose: Three pellets twice a day. Read about homeopathic remedies, so you understand exactly how to use them. Also they go in the mouth, not the ear!

Step Three: Strengthen the body, digestion and immune system.

  • Probiotics Eleven. Probiotics balance the bacteria in the gut for better absorption of nutrients, which in turn strengthens the immune system. I love this product. It's made for humans and works great for canines. I share it with Lulu. In fact if she could, she'd fight me for it and take the whole bottle. I empty a capsule or two for each of us in my hand for a treat at bedtime.

Note the Silver Shield, the enzyme spray and the probiotics are all used for multiple things so they're great to have around.

P.S. I think Lulu was jealous she didn't have a picture on this page and she'd like to show off now that she's 8-years-old and has never had an aural hematoma. By the way, I did NOT dress her up. That was my daughter's  handiwork.

I hope my information helps. If you have any questions you can try me through the comments below.

Hold on! I almost forgot to tell you! If you choose to buy all three products I recommended, you can get a discount. It's free to sign up and I know the discount is good because I get it too. My motto is never pay retail.

If you are picky like I am you can see why I only use one company's products. Read: Why NSP?

And that awesome course on homeopathy? Here's the link for that.

Will Falconer, DVM Homeopathy Course

I truly hope you'll hang around this website and take the time to learn the importance of real dog health (you are what you eat) and how to help your dog heal. Taken to heart, your dog could turn into super dog and I promise, you'll never see things the same way again.

To dog health,


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