Warning: How Dog Flea Medicine is Killing Your Dog

Dog Flea Medicine is not an innocuous substance. Nor is it a medicine. It is dog poison. Here's how a multi billion dollar industry has us fooled.

No dog flea medicine for this guy. He's too healthy for fleas

First and foremost, they call it a flea preventative or a flea medicine or flea medication. Who the heck is it medicating?

Am I the only one who thinks using poisonous and biologically potent chemicals on dogs by selling the stuff to unsuspecting consumers is wrong?

Naturally we shouldn't be so stupid. Haven't we been around long enough to know these substances accumulate in the tissues of our dogs having the potential to alter their genetic structure?

Let's just look at the common sense side for a second by following the instructions on the box.  I know, I know. Who has time to read that stuff? Instead you put a few drops of (fill in the blank) brand dog flea control between her shoulder blades, toss the empty mini tube in the trash and walk away.

Even if you didn't read the fine print on the back which should have scared the pants off you or you thought they were simply overreacting in case someone dumped a truckload into the river, you should have the following thought. Ready?

How can I put a pesticide on my dog which is then absorbed inside his body where it will kill all fleas who drink his blood yet the poison in his blood will not harm HIM. Hello? Are we having a dee-ta-dee moment? (stupid)

Poison is poison. Pesticides are not species specific and they are not expelled by the body through the urine or feces. When your dog's body can't expel them, they are stored deep in cells to get them out of the blood. Then once they've been stored, they no longer kill the fleas so another toxic dose of dog flea medicine is needed. How can your dog's organs withstand the repeated attack without producing disease?

Why do you suppose so many dogs need drugs to keep their thyroid in check; get diabetes; suffer from liver disease, kidney disease (renal failure) and cancer? It isn't just luck of the draw. Disease doesn't just attack our dogs like a thief in the night.

I can't stop the companies who manufacture dog flea medicine and neither can you. What we can do is stop buying their products and stop poisoning our dogs.

Dog who lived after dog flea medicine

This is my Pit Bull, Helen. She suffered terrible side effects from a dog flea treatment in 2009, the least of which was turning her entire face white.

About Flea Control

I know it's easier to give dogs a pill once a month or put drops between the shoulder blades than worry about a flea infestation. We've become too darn lazy.

But guess what I learned? Healthy dogs don't get fleas. Yup, you heard that right. Let's get back to nature. Just like a pack of lions hunting wildebeest during migration pick the weakest animal in the herd as their target; dogs chosen to feast on by fleas are also the weakest.

I experienced this in my own home during the peak of the horrible flea infestation with five dogs (which is when Helen nearly died from the dog flea medicine). Same house, same yard, same exposure; yet 3 dogs had literally 200 fleas a day rinsed off their body. Those three were also losing fur while rubbing and scratching their swollen and itchy bodies.

The other two hardly scratched; lost no fur at all and while I rinsed roughly 50 fleas a day off them, neither showed signs of flea bites.

Another example comes from an interview I did with the editor of Dogs Naturally Magazine which you can find at natural dog health.

Natural Health and Natural Flea Killer

The best defense against fleas and disease is health. Natural dog health doesn't come in a bag or a can and it doesn't come from vaccines either. And I'm certainly not the first to discover this. Look at the quotes in the right hand column by Hippocrates, Thomas Jefferson and Ghandi. The truth has always been right under our noses.

Read this website or jump to the bottom and buy the book at the link on the bottom of the page. You may even find other websites dedicated to natural dog health. One I know and trust is www.dog-nutrition-naturally.com and you can also subscribe to  Dogs Naturally Magazine. It feels good to not be alone out here.

So, you improve your dogs diet, then become aware of vaccine side effects (yes, more chemicals). Then you do a far less harmless flea control program while staying as natural as possible. Here are some ideas for flea control without using dog flea medicine:

  • Borax is mined from the earth. It causes death by dehydration. I would NEVER put borax ON my dog, but nestled down deep in the carpet its great. It lasts up to a year.
  • Food grade diatomaceous earth, the tiny skeletal type remains of long diseased diatoms, can be used in the carpets, on the dog and fed to the dog (killing internal parasites as well).
  • Nematodes - Like releasing Lady Bugs in an organic garden to eat aphids, you release nematodes into the soil to live and eat fleas.

Resistance to Pesticides

The more pesticides we use on this planet, the more resistant insects become. Sadly, we are creating super bugs. I would hate to see them standing (or flying) after we are gone.

For a bit more on this subject of dog poisoning by flea meds, I wrote another page on the subject called Dog Flea Treatment. When I make fun of the names used for these products, you'll laugh and see how easily we got sucked in. Forgive yourself and move on in a better direction.

The Best Dog Flea Medicine

These are added notes:

I changed all five dogs to a more natural diet (lots of raw stuff) and here is the important part...

July 2011 - (Two years after the giant flea debacle using the dog flea medicine that nearly killed Helen.)

It just dawned on me I have not seen one flea on any of the dogs, none in the house, and gratefully, none on me. I have not used any flea treatments or even dusted the carpet with borax in over a year.

* * *

July 2012 - Still no fleas and I will only feed a raw diet from now on.

* * *

November 2013 - Now I only write about fleas and flea medicine to save other people's dogs from going through what mine did.

* * *

February 12, 2015 - Still no fleas but I have to admit I moved north so fleas aren't so much a problem here.

If you would like to learn what I now know, buy this eBook and read it.

~To dog health,


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