Dog Mucus

Dog mucus has a purpose.   Phlegm in throat may be a dog virus but mucus in dog poop is not. Here's what these canine illness symptoms mean and what you can do. Maybe you'll think of mucus in a whole new way.

Dog mucus is never fun but it is trying to tell us something. The mucus itself is NOT the problem

First, let's take a look at the cause of mucus.

Mucus is not a disease. It is a symptom you should pay attention to.

It's the body at work trying to protect itself.

One way is by surrounding a toxin in self defense and preparation to get it out of there or try and keep it out of the tissues.

A Human Example of Mucus

I always knew I was getting sick when mucus showed up. That nagging cough and phlegm in my throat; needing to blow my nose so often that the skin around my nose felt raw. Often, like dog mucus, it was my only symptom. I hated it.

Now I feel differently. I can't say I embrace mucus. It's still pretty nasty stuff but I see it as my body at work. I picture an unseen force surrounding the invader to keep it from getting deeper into my body and causing me harm. I am grateful for how hard my body works to protect me.

And I would never take any medicine to make it dry up so I had to actually digest whatever bad guys it has cornered. That only prolongs the healing process. Instead I let my body work for me and appreciate it.

And I ask myself questions so I can get to the cause.  Here's a conversation Sandra (from Dog Nutrition Naturally)  and I had about the slimy stuff.

Reasons for Dog Mucus

Okay you watched the video right?   So we know there is irritation but what might an irritation be?  Here's a few common ones.

  • a virus
  • a vaccine
  • food
  • environmental toxins

Like we said in the video, we've seen dogs eat commercial dog food for years until their body cannot put up with the irritants in it. If things don't change - meaning if WE don't change them for our dog's health, they get worse and we often end up with things like IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) which is simply a chronic condition that wasn't addressed.

And luckily there are many times that dog mucus is a very temporary condition. After all, a virus will go away and an occasional case of mucus in the feces from an irritant not regularly consumed will go away as well, while the mucus has done its job of protecting the gut.

Oh there was one thing I forgot to mention. What the heck is mucus made from? I hope this makes you see it in a better light. This is only 30 seconds long or so.

Breaking Up Dog Mucus Naturally

Here's an old fashioned, tried and true way to assist when mucus is thick and noisy. This will help thin it naturally so some of it can be expelled to make the patient more comfortable.

Water in the form of steam.

Keep the door closed and run a hot bath.   Bring your dog and a toy in the bathroom (the toy is for the dog silly) so the steam can help him cough up that mucus.  Do not bathe the dog but taking a bath yourself is optional and relaxing. You two can have quiet time.

Words of Wisdom

You should be alarmed if:

  • IF you don't see signs of improvement in a few days
  • IF your dog has an elevated temperature
  • IF this has been going on a long time

The most common dog virus is Kennel Cough which can happen whether your dog has been vaccinated or not.   We  know from 40 years of research by noted veterinary immunologist, Dr. Ronald Schultz that the Kennel Cough vaccine doesn't work. (Check out Dog Vaccinations)

We also know that a dog with long term   mucus or phlegm in throat - likely  stems from over-vaccination. If your dog suffers from this, PLEASE stop vaccinating and read about Dr. Shultz's studies and get familiar with vaccine side effects.

How to Help Your Dog

In order to help your dog heal from long term dog mucus I have some herbal suggestions which are all three of the following. They will help the body with both a dog virus and vaccinosis:

Liquid Silver Shield #4274-1   A patented form of Colloidal Silver which is antiviral, antibacterial and reduces inflammation

Breathe Activator # 1036-3 a potent Chinese formula for acute respiratory dilate bronchials, decongest and expel phlegm as it boosts immunity

Una de Gato Combination  # 175-0  A detoxifying, immune stimulating antibacterial, antiviral combination of cat's claw, astragulas and echinacea.

You can purchase these through the Three Little Pitties NSP website which will open in a new window when you click. Here's how.

Copy and paste each item into the search box in the upper right. Put all 3 into your shopping cart. Next, sign up as a member. This is free and gives you a big discount.

AFTER your purchase is completed, go back to the home page of Three Little Pitties NSP and leave me a message telling me what you got, the weight, age and breed of your dog and I'll give you the correct dosage.

Why do I only use NSP? The products are consistently tested for purity and potency so I know exactly what I'm getting and what you're getting. They were the first to encapsulate herbs and have been trusted for 45 years. 

You can read more about that if you'd like at Why NSP


Mucus In Dog Poop

Mucus in dog poop only is a different story. If your dog's poop looks slimy and you see mucus, there is inflammation in the small bowel. What has happened is the bowels (lower intestines) are trying to protect themselves.

The two most common reasons people come to me for this are Giardia and IBS/IBD. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs)  Both are coupled with diarrhea as well and need your attention.

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There are many references to NSP products throughout this website. It has taken me some years to pinpoint the correct combination of Nature's Sunshine Products along with the correct dosage for dogs. You must purchase those products through me at my NSP website in order to get those doses. If you are in Canada you must order through Sandra King's NSP website . Once we see your order come through we will contact you with assistance.

Thank you so much for your understanding.