Dog Mucus

Dog mucus has a purpose. It's also a cry for help.  Phlegm in throat may be a dog virus but mucus in dog poop is not. Here's what these canine illness symptoms mean.

First, let's take a look at the cause of mucus.

Mucus is not a disease. It is a symptom.

It's the body at work trying to protect itself.

One way is by surrounding a toxin in self defense and preparation to get it out of there or try and keep it out of the tissues.

A Human Example of Mucus

I always knew I was getting sick when mucus showed up. That nagging cough and phlegm in my throat; needing to blow my nose so often that the skin around my nose felt raw. Often, like dog mucus, it was my only symptom. I hated it.

Now I feel differently. I can't say I embrace mucus. It's still pretty nasty stuff but I see it as my body at work. I picture an unseen force surrounding the invader to keep it from getting deeper into my body and causing me harm. I am grateful for how hard my body works to protect me.

And I would never take any medicine to make it dry up so I had to actually digest whatever bad guys it has cornered. That only prolongs the healing process. Instead I let my body work for me and appreciate it.

If I didn't have any herbs or natural remedies for dogs I would start with the healing broth I also use for myself. You can find it at Fasting for Health. I would also treat with Vitamin C.

Normally dogs create their own Vitamin C but a sick dog may not be able to do that.  The only over the counter Vitamin C that I would use is Ester C since our bodies assimilate it better than the other stuff out there.


  • Puppy - 250 mg 
  • Med Dog - 500 mg 
  • Large Dog - 1000 mg

You can do this up to 4 times in a 24 hour period.  Since the body will pass any unneeded vitamin C, it is not toxic. Diarrhea is the sign of too much so just lower the next dose.

The next thing you can do won't be too hard on you, especially if you like a hot bath. Take a nice hot steamy bath with the door closed. Bring your dog and a toy (for the dog, silly) in the bathroom so the steam can help him cough up that mucus.

Words of wisdom

  • IF you don't see signs of improvement in a few days
  • IF your dog has an elevated temperature
  • IF this has been going on a long time

It's time to look at other causes. The most obvious would be a dog virus such as Kennel Cough. As with people there are many viruses a dog can get. We also know from 40 years of research by noted veterinary immunologist, Dr. Ronald Schultz that the Kennel Cough vaccine doesn't work. (Check out Dog Vaccinations)

For a dog with long term dog mucus or phlegm in throat, it's likely a problem stemming from over-vaccination. If your dog suffers from this, PLEASE stop vaccinating and read about Dr. Shultz's studies and get familiar with vaccine side effects.

In order to help your dog heal from long term dog mucus I have some herbal suggestions which are all three of the following. They will help the body with both a dog virus and vaccinosis:

Liquid Silver Shield #4274-1   A patented form of Colloidal Silver which is antiviral, antibacterial and reduces inflammation

Breathe Activator # 1036-3 a potent Chinese formula for acute respiratory dilate bronchials, decongest and expel phlegm as it boosts immunity

Una de Gato Combination  # 175-0  A detoxifying, immune stimulating antibacterial, antiviral combination of cat's claw, astragulas and echinacea.

Now that I've given away a trade secret (-; I want you to read why there is only one supplier I trust and you should too. Head on over to Why NSP. If you choose to get these 3 products, I will help you through the recovery process giving you the correct dosage for your dog along with any hand holding support you need. (Hint: On that page you can find out how to get a discount too.)

Mucus in Dog Poop

Mucus in dog poop is a different story. If your dog's poop looks slimy and you see mucus, there is inflammation in the small bowel. What has happened is the bowels (lower intestines) are trying to protect themselves.

This is something that needs attention and rather than give you a list of herbs I want you to read both my page on dog poop health and Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs. Then if you want my help, contact me and we can do some questions and answers so I can suggest the best things for your particular dog.

Note: If you look at the facebook comments below, which ones do you think could be vaccine side effects? Unfortunately I didn't see these comments until months after they were posted since Facebook gets the hiccups. That's why for individual help I always suggest my contact form when you are serious about curing your dog.

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