Eggs for Dogs
Perfect for Healthy Canine Nutrition

Eggs for dogs are packed with canine nutrition but don't forget those egg shells are a great source of calcium. Now do we serve raw or cooked?

Does your dog beg for eggs and eat the shells too?

Here's where I'm jealous of my dogs because eggs are a perfect food.

We all know they're full of protein and healthy fats right?

I eat them regularly (and I've always had low cholesterol so let's not even get into that old wives tale.) 

To get back to my point, nothing is wasted with the dogs. They love the shells! Talk about a great source of calcium for dogs. Now, let's break it down.

Egg whites

Ah, pure perfect protein. Unfortunately, many people think this is the only good part of the egg. Sure it's full of easily digested protein but it's only part of the package and we have to remember that Mother Nature is smart. Whole foods have balanced nutrients making them more useful to the body and are usually more digestible that way as well.

Egg yolks

This could be my favorite part and I have to laugh when anyone thinks the yolk is bad for them or their dog. Everyone needs fat! Your brain can't function without it. Plus egg yokes also have Vitamin A, iron and a host of other nutrients.

Egg shells

Now here's where I get jealous of the dogs because I can't eat the shells. Okay, I don't want to as far as taste, and they do seem rather sharp, but they are full of calcium and when eaten with the egg, it is a perfect food because the shell helps the rest of the egg digest. Here are a few other things calcium does.

  • Required for proper contraction of heart muscles and regulating the heartbeat
  • assists muscle development and prevents muscle cramps
  • plays a role in the absorption of fats and proteins
  • protects against blood clotting
  • protects against colon cancer
  • helps in the transmission of nerve impulses
  • contributes to enzyme function
  • inhibits the absorption of lead into bones and teeth
  • used in balancing the pH level in the body

Are egg shells too sharp to eat?

I admit, it took me a very long time to get brave enough to feed them to the dogs thinking they would cut something on the inside but I also hated throwing out all those nice organic egg shells. What a waste.

Well guess what? My not always perfectly manner dogs would grab the egg shells and run if they were in the top of the trash; scarf them down and look rather pleased with themselves. So, I started feeding them.

I tried crushing them; drying and crushing them (which was a total pain in the butt) and finally gave up. The dogs don't care. They also love both cooked and raw eggs. The raw ones used to give my daughter a little thrill when serving up 5 bowls of dog food and getting to crush a raw egg with her hands to top each one off.

In fact, the only reason we crush them is so the dogs don't take the egg to their beds or on the carpet to eat in doggie bliss while leaving gooey traces where no one wants them.

Eggs for dogs - cooked or raw?

Okay this one is your call. I personally prefer serving everything raw because I know my dogs digestion system can handle it. If you want to know why click on the link. I am also aware some folks think the biotin in raw egg whites isn't a good thing but after researching it, I disagree. Besides, eggs are just one small component in my dogs food.

No matter what you choose; raw, scrambled, poached, fried or hard boiled, eggs for dogs should be on the menu.

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