Emotional Stress for Dogs

We now know that emotional stress has a physical effect on us but what about our dogs? Oh, you betcha.

For this Dog Talk Tuesday, Sandra and I want to talk to you about the stress we see day in and day out with our clients. I think all of us are guilty at some level at some point, but let's get down to the nitty gritty because what you are feeling truly has an effect on your dog's health and well being.

Who is in this weeks photo?  I should start telling you that on this website, it's always a family dog or  a friend's dog. In this case, it's just me and Lu.  I took this one for Facebook a couple years ago but I thought it appropriate because, the truth is, Lulu helps me relax and decompress after a long day.  We count on each other to stay on an even keel.

How you emotionally react to everything has an effect on not only you and your health, but your dog and his health as well so let's dive in.

How Your Emotional Stress Becomes Your Dog's Stress

The point here is that your  stress becomes your dog's stress and we all know stress can cause or prolong an illness. Pay attention to how you're feeling. Seriously. Ask yourself especially if you are not feeling at your best.

I'll tell you one about me that will make you laugh.  Basically I'm a happy person. I mean stress or no stress, I'm happy. Well a few days ago I was trying to get all this stuff done before 9 am and it was a close call. I do this to myself all the time. Meaning, trying to accomplish more than last month, last week or even yesterday. I push myself.

So anyway, here I was finishing up something and realized I wasn't enjoying a darn thing. Instead of feeling accomplished I was, well. . . kind of angry. Then it hit me. Out loud I said, "I forgot to be happy today!" The thought seemed so ridiculous I started laughing and guess what? The second I said it, I felt great. . . for the whole day.

Choose your thoughts because it affects everyone you have contact with.

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Thank you so much for your understanding.

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