Fatty Tumor
An Underlying Warning

We've been told a fatty tumor or lipoma isn't a health problem. Really?

Let's look at how the body protects itself from damage in this video.

Not that long ago (15 years) in a land not that far away (just across country) and before I became a dog health coach. . .

I had 4 dogs with a fatty tumor (or three). By applying everything I teach in my own course, I finally have an 8-year-old who has never had one.

Nor has she ever . . . had an ear infection, needed antibiotics or any drugs ever.

How about a few more of the nevers?

She's never had diarrhea for more than a day, never needed teeth cleaning and has never had those funny looking elbows I thought were callouses but turned out to be fungal. I feel blessed.

May you too, learn all the Vital Components to Real Dog Health.

Here's my 8-year-old sleeping beauty now. Shiny and no lumps!