Fatty Tumor
An Underlying Warning

We've been told a fatty tumor or lipoma isn't a health problem. Really?

Let's look at how the body protects itself from damage in this video.

Not that long ago (15 years) in a land not that far away (just across country) and before I became a dog health coach. . .

I had 4 dogs with a fatty tumor (or three). By applying everything I teach in my own course, I finally have an 8-year-old who has never had one.

Nor has she ever . . . had an ear infection, needed antibiotics or any drugs ever.

How about a few more of the nevers?

She's never had diarrhea for more than a day, never needed teeth cleaning and has never had those funny looking elbows I thought were callouses but turned out to be fungal. I feel blessed.

May you too, learn all the Vital Components to Real Dog Health.

Here's my 8-year-old sleeping beauty now. Shiny and no lumps!

Please note:  To avoid frustration for both of us . . .

There are many references to NSP products throughout this website. It has taken me some years to pinpoint the correct combination of Nature's Sunshine Products along with the correct dosage for dogs. You must purchase those products through me at my NSP website in order to get those doses. If you are in Canada you must order through Sandra King's NSP website . Once we see your order come through we will contact you with assistance.

Thank you so much for your understanding.