Home Remedy for Mange

Mange treatments vary but this home remedy for mange without insecticides will improve dog health instead of deplete it.

What is mange? What are the symptoms of mange?

What is the difference between demodectic mange, sarcoptic mange and canine scabies?

How much do treatment options vary?

Boy, I just gave myself a lot of questions to answer!

Still, I want you to understand where it comes from and how to help your dog as healthfully as possible so you don't make the same mistakes I made.

Ready? Let's dive right in.

What is Mange?

Mange is the result of mites. Related to spiders and ticks, mange mites are too small to see with the naked eye.  They are highly uncomfortable for your dog because they burrow under the skin to feed causing irritation and itching.

Symptoms of Mange

Naturally a dog will scratch at the irritation hoping to rid himself of the nasty little critters but it doesn't work. The skin gets red, may appear scaly and areas of hair loss will appear.

A skin infection may develop if not treated.

The Difference Between Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange

It is my understanding that while both feed under the skin, the demodectic mites stay within the hair follicles. Sarcoptic mange is also called Canine Scabies and is less common that demedectic mange.

Symptoms of Demodectic Mange in Dogs

In tougher cases the whole body is involved and does not spontaneously heal. This is where I share what I experienced long before I knew the home remedy for mange.

My very first dog, Gretchen (Great Dane), was diagnosed with this type of canine mange when she was still a pup. I took her to the vet for a chemical bath more often than I care to remember.

The vet said it was the only way to treat it. I loved my dog and trusted my vet. Instead of getting better, it got worse.

Her body was covered with pus and blood filled bumps and lumps which I now know was probably a staph infection brought on by the harsh chemicals and her low immune system. Coupled with many rounds of antibiotics, curing mange took over a year. My dog was left with only half her hair because new hair would not grow through the scar tissue.

As it turned out, her mother had it and we were never told. (It probably showed shortly after having the puppies because the pregnancy depleted what was left of her immunity.)

Gretchen was the only pup from her litter to survive past 6 months of age. Had I known about a home remedy for mange, my baby would have had a much happier, healthier and longer life.

My sweet dog died of lung cancer at the age of six. Unknowingly I had set her up for disease by depleting what was left of her immune system with the harsh treatments. And bless my vet. I adored the man and he did what he knew, what he'd been taught. I also believe if he had been exposed to holistic medicine, he would have learned everything he could.

Forty years later and far wiser, let me explain what I now know.

Why Mange Happens

If we look at the way the world works, predators prey on the weak. It has always been that way. We need to see mange mites, fleas, viruses and bacteria as the predators they are. Which means ...

Mange is a great big red flag that our dog is not healthy on the inside.

Mange is the direct result of a very toxic liver, resulting in unclean blood, and a compromised immune system.

Let me back track just a bit. A demodectic mange mite usually lives a relatively quiet life on ALL dog's skin without causing a problem.

The problem happens when the immune system becomes weak. That weakness usually starts in the liver; the unhealthy liver then passes along unclean blood which then breaks down the immune system. Then the quiet little demodectic mange mites have an environment to thrive in, and boy can they have a party! (Okay, maybe it's just a population explosion but you get my drift.)

Remember, you are what you eat, and dogs with mange are a perfect example. Without the proper food to nourish our entire body we fall short of self healing. The more vaccines, the more medicines we take in, the more the liver has to filter; wearing the poor thing out!

Every cell of the body gets replaced, every organ of the body can heal itself if there is excellent nutritional help. That brings us to what you came here for.

Home Remedy for Mange

We need to help our dog inside and out. Let's start with the outside. The best spray home remedy for mange is as follows:

For topical use only, mix:

  • 1/4th cup hydrogen peroxide (the 3% solution)
  • 3/4 cup water (spring or distilled is best - NO chlorinated water.)
  • six drops tea tree oil, lavender oil or cedar oil; or a combination of any/all of them.
  • Shake ingredients in a spray bottle and use twice a day. They all have properties which mites don't like and help remedy the itching while keeping a secondary skin infection at bay.

    (Note) Many people prefer the smell of lavender oil, plus it's a natural disinfectant you can take with you to kill germs on shopping carts or any surface where you might pick up bacteria or viruses.

Home Remedy for Mange on the Inside

If you haven't guessed yet, your dog needs an improved diet. Please look around this website to help you make the best choice possible. In a nutshell, raw dog food is best.  

In the meantime, your dog needs the addition of specialized supplements to;

  • Cleanse
  • Build blood
  • Support Immune System

An excellent choice for dogs with mange is:

*Nature's Sunshine Astragalus #40-1 - This stimulates ' resting ' immune cells in to action. Encourages ' stem cell ' production in bone marrow and lymph tissue. Increases production of immunoglobulins, macrophages, T cells and killer cells.

Another very good choice to use topically is Tea tree Oil (Stock # 1777-1) also at the above link or Lavendar Fine AOC (Stock #3907-8)

What About Demotectic Mange in Puppies?

Because they inherit the same weaknesses, they are set up for that nasty dog mange mite party. Please feed them nutritious food and use the above remedies so they will have a lifetime of health!

Believe it or not, one of the best health tips I can give you for puppies is keep vaccines at a minimum and never ever vaccinate a dog when they are sick.

*Notes: I only recommend Nature's Sunshine remedies because I trust them. Please read "Why NSP?"

If you want more home remedies for dogs, I'll share what I keep in my cupboard at all times - and share with my dogs!

Contact me if you need more information or dosages for my above suggestions.

If you feed commercial food, please educate yourself. Here's a link to subscribe to an awesome class if I do say so myself. You can learn something whether you take it or not. Check out Choosing the Best Commercial Dog Food.

And now you know the very best home remedy for mange. Nutrition!

Home Remedy for Mange to Dog Disease

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