Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs 
Natural Remedies

Whether you call it irritable bowel syndrome in dogs, canine IBD, inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal inflammation, the cure is the same and it isn't drugs.

All of these are treated the same holistically.

Understanding where it begins and what aggravates it helps to understand why curing these dog health problems in a more natural way is imperative.

Otherwise we just make our dogs sicker in the long run.

So let’s start at the beginning; with the cause of irritable bowel syndrome in dogs and the other closely related ailments.

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Afterward I'll explain the benefits of herbal medicine as natural remedies for dogs.

Causes of IBD and IBS

Let's look at the cumulative effects of two highly important things your dog receives. First Commercial dog foods tend to be substandard since it's over processed, overcooked and then stored for lengthy periods of time before eaten.

Dog foods have a plethora of additives which would take me an entire course to explain. (In fact I do in both my treats class and food class). These include vitamins and minerals from a premix which is purchased by the dog food manufacturer. Nearly all premixes are manufactured in China or India where costs and standards are very low. After all they don't get paid much so they must be able to profit or they wouldn't be in business right?

Many of these substances your dog's body sees as toxins, not vitamins so it tries to purge them.

In the meantime, well meaning owners and veterinarians vaccinate for too many diseases and too often. Vaccines, especially combos are detrimental to dog health. Please read more about vaccines at Dog Vaccinations.

What Does this Have to Do With Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs?

The intestines try to get rid of the toxins through inflammation and diarrhea. Without a diet change it worsens as with every additional vaccination. Next comes bloody diarrhea and our dog’s gut is so raw they are ripe for infection.

Now our poor baby is really in a pickle. Traditional vets prescribe prednisone to reduce the swelling of canine inflammatory bowel disease. And let’s not forget the antibiotics to cure or prevent infection.

The side effects of antibiotics and prednisone make our dogs even worse off, further affecting digestion, the immune system and organs such as the liver and kidneys.

As soon as he or she is taken off these dog meds, the problem comes right back. Why? Because the underlying reason has not been addressed!

It's time to HEAL your dog.

Why Not Treat with Prednisone?

Prednisone is not a cure for irritable bowel syndrome in dogs. As a corticosteroid it reduces intestinal inflammation. That's nice but the problem remains while adverse side effects further ruin what's left of your dog's health.

One of them is Pancreatitis. Why stop the swelling of the intestines only to risk inflammation of the pancreas? This just doesn't make sense.

For more on side effects, visit my page called Prednisone for Dogs.

Important note: If your dog is on Prednisone do NOT quit cold turkey. This drug MUST be tapered off slowly or it can kill your dog. There are herbal anti inflammatories which work quite well, without the side effects. (This is one of those things that you would have to contact me about.)

Step One – Fasting for Health

Simply put, whether it’s irritable bowel syndrome in dogs or IBD, the body needs a break! After all, if you scratched an itch until it was raw, would you cure it by continuing to scratch it? Heck no, you would leave it alone while applying something to soothe it so it will heal itself!

The digestive system has what is called a gastrocolic reflex. This empties the colon each time the stomach fills.

Okay, you wonder how long to fast your food loving canine? Wondering how you can continue to look into those big brown eyes at dinnertime and just say no? The minimum is 12 hours. Twenty four to 48 hours is better unless your dog is obviously underweight.

It goes without saying that plenty of fresh clean water is a must during the fast. And for heaven sakes, NO chlorinated water! See Water for Dogs if you need ideas for filtering etc.

You may also make homemade broth (see Fasting for Health) for the fasting period but absolutely no solid food.

Step Two - Change to a Raw Dog Diet or…

Raw meat is much easier on a dog’s digestive system and more nutritious to boot. If feeding raw makes you really uncomfortable or you just can’t do it for some reason, get a super high quality dog food without that long list of chemical additives.

Dry dog food is hard on the system so if you go this route soak it in water before serving. This will help avoid UTIs, crytals and kidney problems.

Step Four - Healing Irritable Bowel Syndrome in Dogs

Now that we have removed the irritants, it's time to heal naturally and without side effects.

First we choose a natural antibiotic; a natural anti inflammatory; add enzymes to help the body break down the food; probiotics to reseed the intestinal tract with helpful bacteria and repair damaged intestinal lining. Doesn't this make more sense?

It won't happen overnight but it WILL happen. My favorites for healing in this case are specific human supplements I can trust. They are:

  • Liquid Silver Shield   ( natural antibiotic and anti inflammatory  )
  • Proactazyme Plus  ( broad spectrum enzymes for food breakdown )
  • Probiotic Eleven  ( on an empty stomach after stool has stopped being runny )
  • Intestinal Soothe & Build  ( soothing repair for intestinal mucosa )

These are all Natures Sunshine Products and as a dog health coach, the only products I use.

The body produces new cells constantly. By using these natural remedies for dogs, the body will grow new healthy cells to replace the bad ones and with some patience, you will have a healthy dog.

If you are serious about curing your canine, please contact me. I can explain dosages, help you along the path, and support you through the process of irritable bowel syndrome in dogs.

Oh, and here's a picture of Olive. I fell in love with this dog. It doesn't matter that I didn't meet her in person. I heard so much about her through her owner I felt I knew her.

In a relentless pursuit to find a cure, Olive's owner contacted me and Sandra King of Dog Nutrition Naturally.

Please read how Sandra explains Natural Dog Health and the process of curing naturally. It's so well done, I couldn't say it any better.

Together, we went through the process. Violet was a rescue from a puppy mill and now she is doing great! Talk about happy endings!

I wish that for you as well.

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