Psychic Dogs
Do they read our minds?

I know I have psychic dogs. If I just think the word medicine, my dogs scatter like an air raid siren is blaring in the living room. If I think about going to the grocery store, all ears perk up in anticipation of a possible ride in the car.

What is going on? Is this normal dog interactive behavior or some kind of mind reading tricks??

I've actually wondered if they see little picture bubbles over our heads, like in the comics.

This would certainly give more credence to the phrase 'thoughts are things'.

Does your dog disappear at bath time? Sit at the door before you put on your shoes?

Here's my psychic dog story.

Helen is our most psychic dog. All I have to do is think its time she has a bath and she’ll lower her head and put her ears back. It's spooky.

Then, when I turn the bath water on, she slowly tip toes into the closet to hide. For a dog who doesn't cherish getting in the water, that part is not unusual dog behavior.

When I tell her to get in the tub, she acts like she doesn't hear me at first. I try not to laugh because I know once she gets in that tub and I scrub her back, she'll be grunting away in happiness.

Do you think about going somewhere in your car but before you even get up, put on your shoes or touch your car keys, your dog’s ears perk up and he starts watching you or gets up and runs to the door? Maybe you have psychic dogs too. Here's how we tested it.

Joey takes Moo with him everywhere he goes, so we expect that anticipating, always ready, dog behavior from him. On rare occasions he’ll take Helen.

Helen, our psychic do

Before he puts on his shoes, before he tells me, before he turns off the television, before he touches his car keys, Helen will wiggle, wriggle and start dancing around the living room. We were sure we were doing or saying something that was leading her to this conclusion but after studying our own body language and communicating by spelling out loud, writing notes, or using our own form of sign language, we’ve concluded she reads our minds. We have no other explanation for this dog behavior, so now when it happens, I just say to my husband, "I see you're planning on taking Helen for a ride?"

There are other instances where I’m sure it’s less than having psychic dogs. If Joey and I talk about driving to the mountains, I don’t see a difference in the dogs behavior, at least not until I take out a suitcase. That's the minute the dogs stop drinking water. Why? Our dogs are not sitter-friendly so it means a long kennel time for everyone. We only dare to leave them about 24 hours which feels cruel, but so does not being able to have a vacation in eight years.

Some things go by the clock like mealtime and bedtime. This is normal dog behavior to me. About thirty minutes before I make their dinner, Lily will start the dinner dance. She’ll touch me with her nose, then back up and do a spin.

Lily's famous pose

After two or three of these without results, she’ll lie down, cross her paws for several minutes then start again.

If it’s a particularly hungry day, she’ll lower her front half to the floor, wag her tail and then bark at me a few times.

If I’m busy on the computer and my normal bedtime passes, Lily will get antsy and pace to let me know I’m off schedule and occasionally she’ll whimper a bit. Helen has been known to take my hand in her mouth (gently) and lead me to the bedroom.

Watch your dogs behavior. Study them. Maybe you’ll find their annoying habits less annoying or even kind of funny once you understand why. And by all means notice what your dog’s body language is telling you about your thoughts. If you are angry or upset, your dogs are going to feel it. That creates stress for them and in order to calm themselves they might do something like get into the trash (chewing calms) or take your new shoe into the other room (yes, chewing calms).

In fact, when you are upset it not only affects the dogs, but everyone else around you too - our husbands, wives, significant others and our kids. Take a walk, exercise, listen to music or your favorite comedian. Do it before you get in a fight with a family member or your dog eats the sofa. Change those thoughts and change your life.

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