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Dog Health Advocate #19 – Dog Dish Dangers
May 22, 2015

Dog Health Advocate #19 – Dog Dish Dangers‏

How are you? Wow, it's already Memorial Day weekend. May you have fun and time to relax whether you're traveling or enjoying the pleasures of home.

It's been busy at Three Little Pitties, but before I tell you about it, let's go over the title of this email. Kinda sounds like hype doesn't it? The thing is few understand the truth in that statement. What could be dangerous about a dog bowl? What it's made out of. You can read about it at Dog Food Dish but I'll give away the main culprit. It's plastic. Yup. Who woulda thought a plastic bowl would be harmful?

Big News

I'm excited! I've finally finished the dog health course I've been working on for months and months. I'll tell you more about the 8 parts included in the course in the coming days . . .but first (and especially for my newest friends) I want to explain why I've done them.

I began Three Little Pitties in 2009 as a labor of love to share what I've learned about dog health over the past 40 years or so and that seems to have made me rather popular. And that's good. After emails with hundreds of folks, I learned how little people actually know about real dog health. And that's bad.

We've all had so much misinformation thrown at us and as another dog health advocate said, “Everything I knew about dog care I’d learned from someone trying to sell me something.” (Jan Rasmussen)

She's right. I've literally cried myself to sleep after being contacted by the owners of terribly sick dogs whose illness and early death could have been prevented with just a little more knowledge.

It's not easy to tackle mass misunderstanding but ultimately a famous man's words sunk in . . .

And now that you know the why, I'll tell you more about them next time.

How about a quick tip and then I'll let you get ready for your weekend. I'll touch base with you in a couple days.

Today's Tip - Got Ants?

I'd love to share how to kill an entire ant colony in the back yard without any chemicals at all. This worked so well for me with fire ants when I lived in the South, I loved it. And it worked far faster than the neighbor's way of sprinkling poison on the mounds. Check out Ant Killer and share this simple technique with everyone.

Here's your hint. It takes a less than a gallon of something that is free.

Dog Hugs,


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