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Pittie Patter Issue #13 - Healing Dog Infections & New Name
October 05, 2014

Do you like the new logo? I hope so. It feels more like who I am and what I do. Plus once my classes are available you might be as happy as Lulu and I are in the picture. Life can be so good when you know what to do.

I'm grateful as well. Thank you for sharing this road with me and a special thanks to Steph Barsotti for that added note at the end of the survey. (Tug on heartstrings.)

Speaking of gratitude, I can't put into words how I feel about Lulu because when I lost Bonz to cancer last year I felt so empty. Bless this dog. I know she missed him too but she stepped it up to help me heal.

And speaking of healing, Lulu needed help with that a few weeks ago. Dog infections can be scary especially when they sneak up on you.

Luckily I was prepared. And while I could never put a price tag on my dog, healing her infection for $20 while improving her immune system felt so much better than a trip to the vet and getting antibiotics.

And here we have a new section to the newsletter. Why? Well I could have healed that infection for $10 bucks if I'd had this month's special in my medicine cabinet.

NSP's Liquid Silver Shield now comes in a bigger bottle which I've been waiting for forever. Well, more than a couple of years. And it turns out to be 50% off right now.

What is it? My first must-have for Home Remedies for Dogs and a patented form of colloidal silver which replaces antibiotics. It also cures viral infections like kennel cough and too many things to list here. (Note: While I definitely think it's wonderful and ALWAYS have it on hand, it will not cure everything and sometimes works best in conjunction with other herbs etc. )

I paid $22.50 (member price) each for four 4 oz. bottles ($90) but now they have a new 16 oz. bottle for $42.65 (member price). To top it off, if you are not a member yet, the purchase of one large bottle gives you free membership if you sign up at checkout.

You can click on new NSP Silver Shield to buy it now.

If you would like to read more about why these are the only products I trust and use (and how to order by phone if you'd rather) click over to Why NSP? for that information.

And just in case you're wondering, the retail price on the big bottle is $64. Never pay retail.

To dog health,


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