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Dog Health Advocate #18 – No Grain Dog Food
February 17, 2015

Wow, what an effort! I’ve just finished the treat class and now I’m ready to dig in to dog foods from commercial fare to home made to raw food for dogs. This brings to mind one way those dog food companies are fooling us so I thought I’d share.

It’s called no grain dog food. “But wait,” you say. “Grains are bad for dogs. Especially corn and wheat.”

Of course you’re right but you need to understand what goes on in the minds of the multi billion dollar a year pet food industry leaders. Their goal is to pass AAFCO and make money. Grains are cheap and they can use them in part to calculate them in the protein percentage even if a dog can’t metabolize them. They are also a starch.

Meat protein is expensive, so if they take out grains, what can they use to replace that cheap stuff? Other cheap stuff, silly. Like potatoes to replace grains for starch and soy products for protein which create many of the same health problems, and in some cases even more.

Obviously, these two shouldn't eat the same foods

Here’s the deal. Dogs need meat based protein. They have absolutely no need for carbohydrates and I’ve recently learned about the dangers of soy for dogs from Dr. Jean Dodd. We’ll definitely talk about that in class.

It’s becoming clearer every day why so many of us have changed to a raw meat/organ/bone diet.

A dog's body does the best it can with commercial foods, but eventually it gets worn down. This is one of the main reasons people think their dogs are healthy until they come down with a serious disease or condition. The average dog owner is clueless and acts as if their dog's illness simply dropped out of the sky.

It didn’t. It was a slow process that we ourselves created or promoted by listening to commercials and allowing them to brainwash us because it was easier than thinking for ourselves.

Since you'll probably want to understand a bit more on who the AAFCO members are and how they test dog foods or why those dog foods for allergies fail to work, head on over to Allergy Dog Foods at Three Little Pitties.

You can also learn a bit more about No Grain Dog Food if you like. I think it's worth the read.

Today's Tips to Increase Dog Health

If you’re a kibble feeder, add real meat to your dog’s meals a few times a week. Your leftovers are fine as long as they’re mostly meat. (And no, chicken nuggets don’t count. They’re only kinda sorta meat.) For fun you can read Table Scraps for Dogs. Makes a good point.

If I haven’t already mentioned it, stop giving your dog tap water. Fresh rain water in a backyard puddle is likely healthier since it doesn’t have chlorine and fluoride. Filter that water. Have you read Water for Dogs ?

That’s it, back to class I go.


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