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Dog Health Advocate #16 – Taking the Blinders Off
January 17, 2015

In this new year I'm going to do my best to help you take the blinders off and improve dog health, step by step, to make it as easy as possible.

What do I mean about blinders? Well, we get stuck in ways of thinking that don't help our dogs (or ourselves) in the long run. I know because I've been there and it's been quite a journey.

The hardest part to get through my thick head was that disease doesn't happen overnight. It's a slow steady process we often can't see. So how could I expect to cure it overnight? Well, I did!

For years I thought I was a good mom to my dogs and cats. I made sure they were up to date on all their vaccines and whenever there was any problem we went to the vet. They got flea meds, antibiotics, cortisone or another drug. Sometimes there was surgery. I thought those vaccines were avoiding a problem and everything else was fixing one. Wrong. Stopping a symptom does not stop the problem.

In fact, all that time those things were just adding to the problem and making my dogs insides a toxic dump. Sh*t

And even once I figured that out I STILL expected my new ways of natural healing to work overnight like a drug that stops symptoms. Often things do heal quickly but it's still taken 20 some odd years to understand patience and that ultimately . . .

Both health and disease are a process that is constantly going on. Everything our dogs ingest, have put on their skin, or is in their environment is either adding to health or adding to the toxic dump that will eventually kill them.

Does that sound harsh?

Here's Mia. Looks good huh? This sweet little crazy goofball has failing kidneys in this picture. Can you tell? By the time there were symptoms, it was too late.

I'm not trying to make you sad but I have to make a point. (And by the way using natural remedies gave Mia and her owner an extra 3 months together and that made us all happier.)

Why else do we need to take off the blinders and take steps to improve dog health?

I heard one of my favorite vets, Dr. Martin Goldstein say recently that when he was in vet school (the guy is at least as old as I am) one out of every 10 dogs would die of cancer. Doesn't seem so bad right? I mean the odds aren't so scary so you would probably just let that thought go.

I think most of us have. Why do I think that?

Remember when you filled out the survey to see what classes you wanted me to create for you a few months ago? Well I was really surprised that learning how to avoid cancer didn't top the list. (By the way if you're one of my newest 150 subscribers or so, you can still take the survey and add comments anonymously). Just click over to the website at this link -- survey page

Well, guess what? Dr. Marty says those statistics have gone up, and not just a little. Now one out of every three dogs does die of cancer. 1/3 of all dogs! Could it get any worse?

He said there is now talk among his colleagues and they believe that 50% of all dogs alive today will die of cancer. Half! That's insane!

So now you know my motivation in helping you help your dogs step by step in as many ways as possible. My lofty goal for 2015 through this newsletter, my website and my upcoming classes is that your dog does not become a cancer statistic or suffer from any chronic disease.

After all, truly healthy dogs don't get cancer. Nor do they get fatty tumors, pancreatitis, irritable bowel, fleas or a host of other maladies. There isn't some bad fairy out there waiving a magic wand and picking diseases from thin air to give your dog by a tap of the wand.

Where can you start right now? Well I just happen to have a list for you. I'll keep it simple and give you a few pages to read (or reread as a reminder).

First Steps to Increase Dog Health

==> When you take your dog in for his or her annual checkup this year, NO BOOSTER VACCINES (at least until you take my class). Instead have your vet do a basic blood panel because this test will let you know how the organs are functioning. If they aren't at peak performance you can use food and supplements to strengthen them and bring them back up to par. (And yes you should contact me for that.)

==> Avoid the use of Antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. If you have Silver Shield, it's a great alternative. If you must use antibiotics you can boost their efficacy with Silver Shield. Be sure to follow up with probiotics to repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria because the heart of the immune system begins in the gut!

Or you can do what I do and give Probiotics Eleven every day to keep things strong. In my house it's one for me, one for Lulu, one for me and one for Lulu. I swallow mine with water. She chews hers because she thinks they're candy. Silly dog.

==> Don't bathe more than twice a month because it strips the skin of natural protection and no more toxic dog shampoos. Buy something made with only natural oils and herbs (if you can't pronounce it, it's a chemical). You can also make a natural soothing homemade rinse (1 qt. non-chlorine water + 1/4 c. organic apple cider vinegar) and make that coat shine.

That's pretty easy right? Now do check out the page links to the Three Little Pitties website on these topics so you clearly understand the dangers and/or benefits. There's almost always surprises, even when reading something a second time.

If you don't know what Silver Shield is you can check out a new page that was posted today called The Benefits of Colloidal Silver.

And if you've been meaning to buy some here's a link to get it now. If you're not a member, be sure to sign up so you can get the discount for Silver Shield.

And guess what? After spending nearly three months on the lesson titled, "Dog Vaccines - The Good, Bad and the Ugly" I realized that every single lesson in my course "The Vital Components of Real Dog Health" will help you avoid losing your dog to cancer.

Silly me. I feel so much better.

~ Andrea

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