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Pittie Patter, Issue #10 -- New Dog Health Care Tips
August 23, 2014

I was thinking of you this morning on my drive into Minneapolis. A commercial came on for a new Banfield clinic’s grand opening. You know those veterinary clinics usually inside PetsMarts? Anyway, they offered free micro chipping for the first 100 people and a discount for a “wellness plan”.

If you’ve been with me awhile you’ll understand this made me want to cry. All I could do was close my eyes and shake my head. Why would a wellness plan upset me? Because injecting one of the most toxic substances known to man (mercury) through vaccines (here's my personal story); swallowing insecticides (deworming, flea and heartworm preventatives) when herbs do a better job , or moving bacteria from one area of the body to another (teeth cleaning) destroy dog health. And what on earth do x-rays prevent? What are they going to do, radiate my dog with an x-ray so they have before and after pictures showing the cancer developed by the rabies shot?

I know. I sound like I’ve gone over the edge don’t I? I do that from time to time. I do believe we all have to make our own choices about health care and your beliefs may differ from mine. That’s okay. You’re entitled just like I am.

Still instead of being sucked in by the poop spread in advertising, the pet food industry that raked in 19 Billion in 2012, and the drug companies (who make edible poisons and God knows how much money) it would be a better world if we all got a glimpse of the other side of the coin without digging so hard to find it.

So here I am, the other side of the coin and one who believes the more we get away from nature, the worse things get for all of us.

We deserve better.

What's New at Three Little Pitties?

To better serve you I’ve done a few things. I’ve updated the Three-Little-Pitties website page by page; improved some, created new ones, added a few videos and deleted some I thought sucked. I’m down to 294 pages.

I’ve also taken some of the most sought after information and put it into a book (and you thought I’d been sitting in front of the TV eating bon-bons all this time didn’t you?)

Dog Health Care Tips (for a Healthier and Longer Life) is the first of what will be a series. It's available now through Amazon in both a print and Kindle version. It has specific herbal prevention (with dosage) for internal parasites including heartworm that strengthen the body at the same time and lots of other practical information that can save you money while keeping your dog healthy.

AND as a celebration of the more than 50,000 pages read this month at Three Little Pitties, if you buy the paperback version and email me your proof of purchase, I'll send you the Kindle version for free which you can either keep or send to your friends!

note from the dog

Dog Health Tip - Awesome Opportunity

If you ever wanted to learn more about real dog health by the masters, I’ve got an awesome tip for both of us. There’s going to be a huge online dog health symposium this Fall. Since I can’t shout it from the rooftops with a megaphone because I would likely get arrested as a public nuisance, I’ll share it with you in a quiet little banner link.

We won’t have to spend a dime on travel arrangements because the Natural Canine Health Symposium will be a four day event we can watch and listen to on our computers or mobile devices so our dogs can be there with us! There’s even going to be a special page on Facebook set up to ask questions before the event begins and an early bird discount. (Click on the banner for more information.)

Not only will there be great information by a dozen or so speakers but this gives you the opportunity to hear doctors Roger Pitcairn and Marty Goldstein, who both started as “regular” veterinarians who knew there must be a better way and learned it. These guys are my mentors.

Okay, as excited as I am, I’ll step down from my little podium and move on.

Oops, one more thing. It's put on by Dogs Naturally Magazine which I began a subscription to some years ago. You can get a discount on the magazine subscription plus the 2013 digital archives for free through me here .

note from the dog


Ever heard of colostrum? You know that sort of off-color first milk produced by mammals to give their offspring a good start? Well, it’s full of goodness that boosts the immune system. My favorite part is unlike some other supplements, it never overstimulates the immune system making it a great addition for your dog and you too. NSP’s colostrum tastes so good to dogs they chew the capsule and ask for more. Lulu and I share those with Probiotics just before bed but I wasn’t going to make a video while I was in my jammies even off-camera so here’s a daytime shot. Can you tell her tail is wagging?

Oh good grief! I can't figure out how to load the video here since this is totally different than building a website page and I must be html intolerant or something. If you want to see my silly dog just click on this page about the benefits of kefir and scroll down to the bottom.

note from the dog

Dog Food Review - Something About Kibble

You know, I get asked a lot about what kibble is better than another and it took me years to figure out the problem as I read and reread the ingredients listed. After learning exactly what each word meant and how they fool us, I started with the breakdown of the 27 Top Ingredients to Avoid . If you serve kibble, this is a must read so click on over.

Back in March of 2013 I did a bit of Science Diet dog food bashing. I think it was the prescription diet you can get through a vet’s office. Well I understand a lot more now. While I haven’t contacted Hills directly to ask their source (since it doesn’t have to appear on the label) there is something in about 90% of all the manufactured dog foods out there. It’s called the Vitamin Premix.

What is it? In short, to make a dog food meet AAFCO guidelines after it’s been cooked to death the Vitamin Premix is added to raise the levels of nutrients and no matter where your dog’s food was made, it’s likely the Vitamin Premix in it was concocted in another country. Often that is China. A few years back when hundreds of dogs died from melamine poisoning, that plastic product was put in the vitamin premix on purpose because it was considered a protein.

Recently I learned that with consumers being more savvy these days, the Vitamin Premix components can be bought from those same sources and put together in our country thus legally being "made in America".

I tell you about this depressing stuff for one reason. Maybe that’s two. I want you to know and pass it along. It’s time we become the change for the health of dogs everywhere.

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healthy pit bull dog

Meet Ice. He graces the cover of my new Dog Health Care Tips Book and you'll see many pictures of him on the website. I met his owner Stephanie through Three Little Pitties when she needed advice a few years ago. Little did I know then that she was a photographer and would allow me to use photos of Ice and his many friends.

I guess you never know what wonderful friends you'll meet through your dog (-:



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