Welcome to the very first issue of Pittie Patter, my monthly newsletter. May you enjoy the dog health tips, my Notes from the dog and the bit of humor thrown in. My goal is to share the knowledge I’ve gained in the past several decades (eek!) and put a smile on your face.

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It’s finally Spring and a great time for new beginnings. Bonz and I recently made a long road trip. He handled it like a champ as you can see, but I’m having some adjustment challenges.Pittie Patter Newsletter

We moved from my beloved South to the northern state of Minnesota. Everyone here keeps telling me how beautiful and warm it is for this time of year and I’m freezing!

Maybe I don’t have enough dogs on the bed to keep me warm at night. I miss the other three canines.

It’s heartbreaking when losing a dog and I won’t go into it here. It’s not like the rainbow bridge kind of loss, but still really hard to cope with when losing a dog because of separation or divorce. Something I never wanted or expected to experience, but life is always full of challenges isn’t it?

One way I’m coping with both the loss of family and coolness of this climate is to get out and exercise more. My 12-year-old Bonz has proven to me he can run a mile which thrills me. He may be able to run farther but I can’t… yet. (-:

Dog Health Tip

Why walk, run and exercise your dog? Not only is it a bonding time for the two of you, here are a few reasons that may surprise you. We all know it increases circulation and makes us more physically fit but there are other exercise benefits as well. Did you know it can cure depression?

And maybe even more important is the affect on the immune system and how it actually massages organs and helps prevent anal gland impaction.

The lymph system, the most important part of the immune system, sleeps when your dog does! Only movement like walking, running and playing gets it working to filter out toxins in the body and protect against disease.

To read more, go to:What is the Immune System

Exercise is one of the best ways to improve dog health and it’s totally free. If you can’t walk or run with your dog, there are still some good options.

For more about the importance of exercise and some ideas for different ways to exercise the dog in your life, including a video showing the flirt pole exercise, go to: Dogs Exercise

And remember, a well exercised dog is a tired dog and much less likely to be bored and find the wrong kind of entertainment.

note from the dog

Supplement of the Month – Black Walnut

In the colder areas of the country, the heartworm prevention pills have begun. Since I absolutely refuse to let my dogs ingest poison of any kind, especially for “just in case” an infected mosquito were to bite one of my canine kids, and “just in case” one of the microfilia were to make its way to my dog’s heart and grow into a feeding parasite... I’d like to honor Black Walnut for parasites this month.

Black Walnut is a safe and completely non toxic way to prevent and rid the body of parasites (yup, even worms) and it’s less expensive in the long run than taking the toxic stuff! For more info on this, see: Three Little Pitties Natural Heartworm Treatment

If you need black walnut, there is also a link on that page where you can make a purchase.

note from the dog

Dog Food Review

I may talk about some things here that not everyone is used to, but that’s kind of the point. We need to think out of the box a bit when offering real nutrition to our canines. Once they get used to real food, there may be no going back.

Reminds me of the time my husband went through a burger joint drive through and the lady in the window offered Moo a milk bone. The dog refused it and my husband told her if she had a carrot he’d be all over it. She didn’t believe him.

So, for my dog food review this month, I’m going to talk about the benefits of dandelion. Stop laughing! I really am. Besides, who else would be crazy enough to do it? While my son doesn’t see the beauty of the dandelions growing all over the lawn, I’m out there every morning harvesting the leaves because there has been NO fertilizer or weed killer applied to this lawn in at least two years. The neighbors probably think I’m nuts, but here’s the deal.

My mother cooked them like spinach or chard when I was little and I hated them because of their bitterness (the leaves become bitter once the plant flowers) but for the dogs, a carrot pulverized with them sweetens them up.

For myself, I put them in my homemade breakfast drink. If they are really bitter I add a bit of raw honey which gives me more nutrients and I don’t pucker up.

Remember a weed is just a plant that shows up where you don’t want it. Never again will I think of dandelions as weeds. Instead I think of them as a combination of vegetable and herb.

Stop shaking your head at me. The leaves are more nutritious than organic veggies at the store, and they’re free! With more beta-carotene than carrots, they are chock full of iron, calcium, several B vitamins, vitamins C, E, P and D. They also have biotin, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc.

If you like the idea of adding dandelions but use fertilizers or pesticides in your yard, or just don’t want the neighbors to see you harvesting weeds, you can buy some good quality dandelion in capsules at my Natures Sunshine website. (As a dog health care coach, these are the products I use and offer my clients.)

And now, in closing, let me ask you a question. Does YOUR dog make you feel this way???

dog humor

To dog health!



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