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Pittie Patter, Issue #008 -- Green Tripe, New Safe Flea Control & A New Name!
June 25, 2013

Wow! Summer might be here in Minnesota - at least between the rains we’ve been having. Seems like we missed spring this year but that’s okay with me as long as the snow and frigid temperatures are gone for awhile. I’d rather sweat than freeze any day.

Bonz had a great couple of months since the leg healed and the kidneys are working better. Now we have a new issue. Actually it’s an old issue that began the day I got him from the pound where he was scheduled for euthanasia eight years ago. They would not release him to me without a rabies vaccine. I don’t like vaccines but I had no choice.

Have you heard of the rabies miasm? The injection site became a small lump within a few hours which never went away. I told myself if it caused cancer at least he’d have a longer life than the few days he had left at the pound. Besides, I only got him to save his life. I didn’t want another dog. (Are you rolling your eyes?)

His health improved 1000% when I switched him to a raw diet and the lump stabilized.

Fast forward eight years and he’s the only dog I have left. The minute Lily went to Rainbow Bridge he began sticking to me like glue and now I stick to him too. He’s my best friend and the sidekick I rarely go anywhere without. I don’t even need to speak to him. He knows what I want and he knows how I’m feeling. I swear sometimes he does the dance (he raises up on his hind legs and moves backwards with a grin) just to cheer me up instead of because he wants a treat. (Of course I would think that, I'm human!)

He’s also about 14 years old (my best guess) which makes me realize he won’t be here forever and when the kids are around him we joke about whether he’s really going deaf or chooses to have selective hearing. And that knowing he won’t be around forever got a big wake up call. The lump picked up momentum and started growing fast.

I took him to a vet this week to have her look at it. When she noted usually dogs with cancer caused by the rabies vaccine don’t live a year past the injection, we both shrugged our shoulders. We talked about the options and I voiced my concern about surgery because of his age and his kidney issue. She examined him and announced he also has a grade 4 heart murmur so the chances of him living through surgery are pretty sketchy.

For now though, he’s happy to be at my side, eats like a horse and the other day when I put down his bowl of raw ground turkey he just looked at me. I’d forgotten to add his Ninja Juice (I'll explain below) and his KB-C kidney pill. I added them and he finished the bowl in about 30 seconds.

That’s my dog.

What's New at Three Little Pitties?

Let’s move on to something more fun. We have a new Name! Of course it will always be Three Little Pitties but I’d like folks to pay a little more attention to the stories and things that are not directly related to dog health. After all, I do serve up more than raw food and herbs and we all have a need to be entertained don’t we?

The design is the same but the words at the top have changed to:

Three Little Pitties Café

As for me, I am more than a dog health care coach. I am also an author so I’m going to add a few more stories and I just completed an author page where you can also meet me as an author and get some freebies now and then.

In fact, my newest book just came out on Amazon in the print format. The Kindle version is up and coming. So, want to know what I write about? Check out my new author page Andrea Partee and then head on over to Dog Stories where I tucked in a freebie for you.

Since the book is brand new, I have no reviews yet! Would you like to read it and post a review on Amazon or Goodreads? I would appreciate that more than I can say. Once again, I’m offering this to my Pittie Patter subscribers and friends for free. Get your PDF version of Aging With Humor and Grace at the bottom of my Dog Stories page.

note from the dog

Dog Health Tip - Non Toxic Way to Stop Fleas

A friend I met through my website shared something new with me that I’d like to pass on. Since I am adamantly opposed to putting that toxic flea and tick stuff on dogs and cats, she has an alternative. I seem to have won the battle personally by serving a raw meat diet. But what about others who can’t do that or just don’t have the inclination to throw a raw meaty bone on the floor for their canines?

It’s called the Pet Protector and it’s a little disc that attaches to your pet’s collar. Once it’s been on your pet for a while it creates a field that keeps those pests off your dogs! If I remember correctly, it costs $58 but lasts for four years. I think it’s a bargain.

If you or anyone you know needs non toxic flea and tick control, here’s a link to Tanja’s Pet Protector website. (Please use this exact site or she won’t get credit for the sale.) Her email is up in the corner of the page. If you have any questions, hit her up or give her a call at 740-966-3127 and tell her I sent you. Maybe she’ll send me flowers or something.

note from the dog

Supplement of the Month - NSP's Mineral Chi Tonic

Last newsletter I talked about kidneys and minerals. I said, “The body needs minerals to function, especially the kidneys. If your dog isn’t getting enough natural minerals in his or her diet, or the kidneys are stressed and overworked, her body will take them from muscle mass, and then from the bones themselves. (Makes me wonder about the real cause of osteoporosis in women.)”

Well I’ve been using something for myself for over a year and that’s what I started sharing with Bonz when I realized he had kidney problems. – but we use it for different things. It’s called Mineral Chi Tonic and it has 64 minerals plus Chinese herbs. I started using it because it was recommended to me by someone I trust and it made me feel better. It wasn’t until I ran out that I realized it had stopped the pain I get in my joints. It also helps brain function and my daughter calls it “Ninja Juice” because of what it does for me.

After a bit of research I also found out that without minerals the body isn’t capable of absorbing vitamins and nutrients so it may have helped with my weight loss and Bonz’s weight gain after his terrible bout with diarrhea, vomiting and peeing buckets about every twenty minutes.

note from the dog

Dog Food Review - Green Tripe

Finally I found green tripe! For years I read how great it is for dogs but I could never find it. What is it and why is it so good? It’s cow stomach. (or any other ruminant) and its chock full of goodness. Think enzymes, gastric juices, amino acids, essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6), acidophilus (my favorite probiotic) and lactic acid (as in kefir and yogurt). Throw in some protein, fat, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc and selenium and you’ve got an array of nutrients to improve and maintain health. And what is the hardest thing the body has to do? Digest! Everything in this organ aides in digestion just as it did for the cow. Now I know I’m giving Bonz the best for as long as he’s with me. To learn more about it and how much to give, visit green tripe.

That about wraps it up for this issue. Let me know if you’re on Goodreads and I’ll friend you and see what you’re reading.

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dog humor

Have a great month!


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