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Pittie Patter, Issue #003 -- Three Little Pitties New Face and Spirulina for Dogs?
August 17, 2012

Well, I seem to be behind on my newsletter. Yikes! If you’ve visited Three Little Pitties recently, you may have noticed the new look. I’ve redesigned it and I’m still working on updating over 300 pages. After all, the more I learn the more there is to share so I've added information to many of my existing pages.

To keep up, you can subscribe to my blog, which is an RSS feed showing all new and updated pages. I like to keep my own favorite RSS feeds on my toolbar so I can check often because it's so much easier than typing in a website. To subscribe, go to any Three-little-pitties page and click on the "Subscribe to" in the top left hand corner. There are directions if you haven't done an RSS feed before.

Kids & Dogs

As it turns out, it's not just my website that's changed.

While going through pictures (I'm adding more photos as I update pages) I ran across two of my daughter with my son's dog Kurby, so I put them together.

Holy smokes! The time between the two pictures is ten years!

Pit Bulls and Kids

I think it's time for a dog appreciation day at our house.

What's New at Three Little Pitties?

I hate to admit it but I got really ticked off at the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) last month and wrote about them at Canine Nutrition and the AVMA.

What did they do to get my hackles up? They took a vote whether to discourage pet owners from feeding a raw diet. What were they thinking?

The idea is that dogs will get sick from bacteria in raw meat and so will owners from touching it, so it's safer to feed kibble.

The whole thing seems rather ludicrous to me when the cases of illness and death from tainted dog kibble were from... bacteria! And I don't know about you but I have been handling and cooking raw meat for humans for... ooh! scary thought!... let's just say decades. I have always washed my hands and surfaces the raw meat touches and have never been sick.

My suspicion is, if premade raw dog food has gone up in sales 30% in just one year, the folks at companies like Purina are backing this silliness to get their sales back up or buy time until they can come up with a cheap concoction to compete with. Tisk, tisk, shame on them.

I'm almost done whining. Please read the page. I was going to ignore the whole incident until I found out many service/therapy dogs have been given the heave ho over this. That is tragic.

On a final note, a young diabetic relative is getting an alert dog once the pup's two years of training is completed. Guess what the breeder/owner of these dogs said? He told everyone who came to meet their future dogs not to ever feed them dog food because it would shorten their life and he wasn't training for two years so someone could kill his dogs.

Now that's a statement.

note from the dog

Dog Health Tip

Have you ever thought of dog massage? Hey why not? If you have ever had a massage and experienced the wonderful effects, you might want to add it to your list of fun things to do for that special canine.

Not only does it feel good, it stimulates the immune system so it can do a better job.

To read more, go to my Dog Massage page and read about the different types there are.

If you'd like two free lessons on dog massage, I found them at Dog Massage Secrets. (You have to scroll down a bit to find them.)

Let me know what you think.

note from the dog

Herb of the Month - Spirulina

What is Spirulina anyway? Is it an herb or a water plant?

Well I know it is considered an herb and possibly the most nutritious food on the planet, but it's not exactly a plant. It's an algae that has been popular for humans for the last 30 years.

Spirulina benefits? Not only is it full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it helps with digestion. You can read more about it at my newest page called Benefits of Spirulina as a Dog Health Supplement

note from the dog

Dog Food Review

Last month I talked about offal not being awful. This time I thought I'd talk a bit about making your own raw dog food. It's a subject I think about since I feed it twice a day.

I read today that premade raw dog food sales are up 30% over last year. (Sorry, I mentioned that already didn't I?) Pretty good in the current economy. Still, I prefer to make my own so I know exactly what is in it and I like a higher percentage of protein than what I've seen on the market.

Last time I checked prices, my homemade raw dog food was cheaper than the premade stuff at the store. Plus I know how fresh mine is.

If you'd like to read about raw dog food and whether you should let your dog eat grains (it's individual), check out my free recipes at Free Raw Dog Food Recipes.

That just reminds me, I have spirulina in my dog food recipes, plus EFAs (essential fatty acids) which I'll spotlight next issue.

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dog humor

This little Pit Bull Ballerina is a picture I took and I believe she is the month of April in the Three Little Pitties 2013 calendar, set to come out in Mid October at the 3 Little Pitties Cafe Press Store. It's a nice big calendar with room to write on and the pictures are 11 x 17.

To fun & dog health!



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