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Pittie Patter, Issue #009 -- Tragedy Strikes
October 13, 2013

Tragedy Strikes

This newsletter will not have the normal topics. Instead it marks a forever change in my life. When I began the Three Little Pitties website in 2009 it was named for the three pit bull pups I raised together when in fact I had five loving but often unruly pits under one roof.

The morning of July 2, 2013 it all ended for me when my 14-year-old Bonz died. He was the last of my dogs. While grief still tugs demandingly on my heart every day, I know it will pass eventually and another dog will enter my life. No one can take his place, but when it’s time, a new place in my heart will open. I simply cannot imagine a life without dogs. It would be so empty.

In the meantime, my daughter is sharing her dog Lulu with me.

My long time readers will know Bonz had cancer which began with a rabies vaccine six years ago. All that natural stuff I preach about on the website really helps, since the vet noted the rabies vaccine-induced cancer usually kills it’s victims within 12 months, I should be thrilled I had him an extra five years. He was happy and active until the end.

And because of Bonz I feel more adamant about sharing the truth about vaccines. I didn’t even know until recently that 40 years of studies have shown which vaccines work; how many times they need to be administered and that vaccinating a puppy under 12 weeks is just too dangerous. I’ll send links out about those pages when they have been completed.

Changes in Pittie Patter

I think while my life has changed, it’s time to change the newsletter as well. I will no longer attempt to write this newsletter on a monthly or semi monthly basis. I’m going to change it to quarterly, unless there is something important to let you know about and we’ll see how it goes. Seems it’s kind of how it’s turned out anyway.

I am grateful for your support, whether you have donated to keep Three Little Pitties afloat or simply care enough about your dog’s health to keep reading what I have to say.

Book Stuff from Yours Truly

I also know the important of laughter. Laughter reduces stress. Laughter helps us heal. I have been concentrating on my fourth book (second humor book) called “Raising Cain and Kids.” It’s about the things kids and parents do and say that make each other crazy. I will let you download a free copy before it’s published.

My first humor book Aging with Humor and Grace, which I offered as a free download last newsletter, can now be ordered through all the regular book outlets and the Kindle version is available on Amazon. If you were one of the many who downloaded their free copy, I assume you read it by now. You DID read it didn’t you? I’m laughing because we all put things off. If you have, stop and treat yourself to a few chuckles.

If you read your copy (and especially if you liked it) please click over and write a sentence or two right now. Your first sentence can start, “I received a free copy from the author and I think …” Go ahead, do it right now at Aging with Humor and Grace. Thank you so much. I can't do it without your support.

If you want to read the book description or gift a Kindle copy for Christmas, that would be fabulous (-:

Big News

I am so grateful I had Bonz by my side while I wrote the Aging book. I used to joke with him and tell him he couldn’t possibly leave until the book was published. How do dogs know? That rascal took me at my word because once the Kindle version was out, he made his departure.

Then on September 1st I found out I’m funny! Aging with Humor and Grace won an award!! Yes! I have received the 2013 Bronze medal in the humor category from Readers Favorite so I have a little about me on their website as well. To read the 5 star book review they gave me and laugh at my silly bio over there, check out Readers Favorite . All comments are appreciated.

So now people are beginning to find my book – but it only has two reviews, so please help a dog lover out.

The Throw Away Dog

This is a new book I have published as a Kindle short. It’s the true story of a dog destined to be my best friend. Yup, it’s Bonz's story and my tribute to him. You can find out how I came to adopt him and you may laugh and cry.

Once again I’ll give you two options. You can buy it at Amazon for 99 cents in Kindle format or I have a freebie for you. Go over to Three Little Pitties on Facebook. Right under the big picture of Bonz and Kirby you’ll see the free download. If you haven’t liked the page yet, you have to click the like button to get access to the freebie. Three Little Pitties Facebook

Once again, if you like it, say so at Amazon. No author can sell books without reviews.

Okay, that sums it all up. Your kind words and support mean more than I can say.

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dog humor

Hugs to you and your wonderful dogs


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