About Me
and Three Little Pitties 

My dream is to raise the bar on dog health so my 'about me' is just as much about you and your dog.

Meet Lulu. The vet doesn't even remember her name. Not bad for a dog over a decade old. Oh and that suspicious look on her face? She hates the camera!

I love dogs. I mean I'm one of those people who wants to hug every dog I see.  Just seeing a happy dog makes my day and so helping dogs be happier by being healthier ... well I guess you could say it just floats my boat.

I spent my childhood wanting to be a veterinarian. I even remember having a talk with my 7th grade science teacher after getting an unheard of A++   on my presentation of the cat's skeletal system. I ended up in tears because I told her how badly I wanted to help animals but the thought of dissecting a pet, would, well,  make me puke.

The point? I love animals but I also love to learn, so at every single vet visit I asked questions. Every. Single. Time.

I always wanted to understand the process.

Being a bit slow, it took close to 40 years to realize where vets were totally awesome . . . and where they weren't.

For critical care vets are awesome!

For nutrition and chronic problems, to be blatantly honest I think they suck.

Years ago I began studying dog health from a holistic point of view. The key points are nutrition, assimilation, elimination and support.

(best foods; helping the body use those foods; ongoing release of ever present toxins and supporting the organs)

I found the perfect herbal supplement company. Natures Sunshine is for people but it has the grade of products I needed to make a difference in my dog's health and your dog's too.

I just had to figure out the perfect doses for dogs from 2 lbs. to 200 lbs. Phew, that took awhile (:

And since Nature's Sunshine is a network marketing company you can order directly through them. They let me know. I contact you to see what help you need with doses or with any other questions.

It's  a win-win. I get to spend my time helping you instead of taking and shipping orders.

Want to connect?

Me too!

You can improve your dog's health.

Sign up for exclusive emails; contact me through email, Facebook or Messenger or join my private Holistic Dog Health Group on Facebook. (the last one is for my Natures Sunshine members only).

Let's me be perfectly clear. I AM NOT A VETERINARIAN so I cannot give you MEDICAL advice. But I can give you some very good advice.

As you should guess by taking a look at me, I've lived long enough to have shared my life with lots of dogs.


What I Can Do FOR YOU

Anyone can randomly sell products by listing what they should do. But giving your dog a pill or twenty a day, even herbal ones, aren't going to do squat if the body isn't working well enough to use it! (Meaning your dog could swallow and poop it out without absorption.)

I wanted a different approach that goes like this:

  • Feed nutrient dense foods (free with optional course)
  • Improve digestion and absorption
  • Improve gut health (where the immune system lives)
  • Avoid toxins
  • Detoxify gently so the body works better
  • Offer only carefully chosen supplement groups that will help every body by nourishing all the way to the cellular level and/or gently detox from the toxins that are the unknowing root cause of so many different ailments all dogs now face.

Using this approach feels good because every person can choose how far to take it.

  • Learn the healthiest approach for free and leave with that knowledge under your belt.
  • Purchase supplements through me to go the extra mile for your dog
  • Learn more in depth when my courses are offered.

  • Get personal dog health coaching if needed.

Lulu Being A Doofus

I wish the video was more clear and that you couldn't hear me being a doofus as well but here's 11 seconds of playtime.

She's about 13 years old here. Note there is no stiffness and she still has plenty of energy.

Now how about some free raw dog food recipes

because. ..

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.