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What's In It For You?

What is the difference between Advertisers and Sponsors here at Three Little Pitties Dog Health?

Wonder what's in it for you and what the pricing is based on? What do I mean about exclusivity?

The Difference Between the Two

Advertising can be on one page or a group of pages that are specifically relevant to that company's product. I only accept ads for products I believe are a benefit to my visitors and that I would use myself.

A Sponsor has a unique opportunity to gain more visitors through exposure on hundreds of pages and a page dedicated to them with a link to that Sponsor's website.

What About Pricing?

Well, as you may have guessed, I'm not posting my prices on this page. I think it's kind of personal and may vary a bit depending how relative my site is to your product.  

I do think you will be pleasantly surprised with my rates so go ahead and contact me for my current price structure.

Reasonable pricing gives my Three Little Pitties sponsor's value. In turn, my sponsors give value to my readers and my website. How?

The Win-Win-Win Mentality

What's In It For Sponsors

  • Exclusivity - Only one sponsor per category
  • Sponsor receives a 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" picture/logo link on every single page of the site (currently about 300 pages)
  • While traffic continues to increase, you can expect a minimum of 70,000 pages views per month, and growth monthly.
  • Sponsor will have a page about them, (written by me) as a review of their products and/or services; why they are at the top in their category; and where products may be purchased. This review page will have a direct link to Sponsor's website.

What's In It For My Readers

  • Readers don't get bombarded with in-text ads
  • Advertisers relevant to a page help my readers solve a specific problem
  • Readers don't have to read around multiple groups of ads that may not even target their needs, thus wasting their time and causing annoyance
  • Sponsors are subtly there, on every page, just a click away, and always making a positive impression without overwhelming the reader

What's In It For Three Little Pitties(Me)?

  • Three Little Pitties is not now, nor will it ever be about money. I want income just like the next gal but I have my ethics. It's an informal friendly place where I get a lot of feedback through my 'contact me' form.
  • Being proud of my sponsors makes me feel I am giving more to my readers.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for your interest in Three Little Pitties. Contact me through the form below for current rates.

Fair pricing is based on monthly visitors and exclusivity.

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