Allopathic Physician vs
Holistic Medicine for Dogs

Allopathic vs Holistic

What the heck is an allopathic physician and when should we combine allopathic with holistic medicine for dogs to keep our canines as healthy as possible?

An MD or a DVM is allopathic. These are the doctors most of us grew up with. I just never knew they had a name.

Let's look at the good side first.

Their surgical procedures save lives every day for patients in trauma situations.

They’ve also stitched up my dogs, replaced my cat’s shattered leg bone with a pin and prevented breeding with spay and neuter procedures.

Now here comes the part where I’m not happy. If you take your dog to the vet for, say, a swollen leg joint and he is walking very gingerly on that leg; the vet may find your dog has arthritis and prescribe a drug. Perhaps Prednisone.

A few days later your dog is running around like a happy camper and you think she is healthy as a horse.

The Problem with Drugs from an Allopathic Physician

 The problem is, we think the drug is curing the problem. It is not. It simply alleviates the symptoms.

If there is damage to the joint and a drug takes away the discomfort and the dog runs around like a puppy, there is going to be more damage to the joint because the pain or the body's warning signal has been diminished.

Sometimes the body will cure itself regardless of the drug (like when we catch a cold and take cough medicine). While this makes the patient feel good pretty quickly, it’s not really addressing the cause  and prolongs healing time.

Drugs also have side effects which we may think are a new problem. This new problem gets a new drug. Do you see where I’m headed with this? All this stuff wears a body out!

Allopathic or Holistic medicine. Which is better

This took me years to fully understand and appreciate, and to stop expecting or even wanting  instant gratification.  I now know if we are not careful, we can do more harm than good.

For some specific examples of some common drug side effects, you could read about Prednisone for dogs and Cortisone side effects.

While I prefer my naturopath to keep me healthy, I would not be here today without allopathic physicians because:

  • I would have died in childbirth without surgery since there was no way my 5 foot tall body could deliver my 12 pound, six ounce son (with a head the size of Texas.)
  • And the doctors at the hospital eased my pain tremendously the time I had total urinary blockage from a kidney stone. (Whoa, that hurt!) By the way, I changed my diet and haven't had a kidney stone in 20 years.

Drawbacks of Allopathic Medical School Training

Aside from the overuse of drugs, the downside of allopathic doctor training is the lack of classes on nutritional needs. 

We've become so conditioned by the dog food commercials we stopped thinking about nutrition. No matter what ingredients a dog kibble has, by the time it's processed, cooked and extruded, there isn't much if anything left of nutritional value.

And, we've become so used to getting a pill for a problem, we've totally forgotten the nature of the body.

Overuse of dog drugs now causes more harm than good by confusing the immune system and over-stressing the body. These things coupled with the lack of nutritious dog food over several generations of dogs have created a nightmare. Dog illnesses rarely heard of 25 years ago, are now commonplace. These include everything from dog skin disorders and canine hip dysplasia to dogs with diabetes and cancer.

The three major problems are:

Most allopathic physicians truly want to help and are following the protocol they learned in school. Unfortunately the routine approach for a doctor of allopathic medicine is based on the suppression of symptoms.

For instance, there is a reason for swelling. See Cause of Inflammation. If you treat symptoms with drugs, you don't solve the problem, you create more problems for the allopathic physician to treat!

Holistic Medicine for Dogs

The reason I prefer holistic treatments whenever possible are they treat the body as a whole and strengthen the whole body so it can cure itself. There are no side effects. Just improved dog health. The best of both worlds is an integrative medicine practitioner.

While I'm grateful I've had allopathic physicians in my life, I also know that hiding the problem with drugs cures nothing. Nothing at all.

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