Free Non Toxic Ant Killer

Killing fire ants with water so dog is safe

Here's an unbelievably simple, free, non toxic ant killer I used in the yard when I lived in Georgia and it works like a charm.

Ants were never much of a concern for me until I moved to the South and learned the hard way about fire ants. Pain, swelling and oozing bites made my usual live and let live motto fly out the window.

Not only that but fire ant colonies multiply at an alarming rate, ruin your lawn and bite the dog or anyone else who gets near their home turf. And who wants to use a poison that can get in your dog or anything else in the yard including birds?

So what's the trick?

My Ant Killer is Water!

I kid you not. This organic fire ant remover is... water! This sounds so silly I feel like I'm reading a sales page from someone else. Except of course I'm not selling you anything. Just sharing. First you boil the water. I realize it's not a pleasant way to go but I'm sure pesticides don't feel any better plus they're dangerous to everything else in the yard whether it lives there or is just visiting.

Understanding the Life of Ant Hills

The workers are constantly moving the queen ant around to keep her and the young ones safe and at the right temperature. When the outdoor temperature is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the queen and the whole nursery is closest to the surface to absorb the warmth from the sun.

Boil a pot of water on the stove and pour it on the little mounds in your yard. Along with the ants, you will see the white pupae float up and out as soon as you pour the boiling water on the ant nest.

How much water? About a quart per hill should do it. A large ant hill will take more.

Lawn Concerns

If the ant hill is in the lawn, the boiled water may kill a bit of your grass along with the pests. If you pour slowly, it should sink straight down and minimize lawn damage.

In fact it worked better and faster than my neighbor's poison ant killer. From Spring through Summer just keep a lookout. Once it gets hot, use the boiling water earlier in the day when the queen is closer to the surface.

That's it. Makes me feel good to help you and your pets.

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Important Notice

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