Dog Antibiotic Side Effects

Do you know the list of antibiotic side effects for your dog? Here's why this canine drug isn't all it's cracked up to be and what you can do about it.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms?

  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rash
  • Ongoing dog yeast ear infections

You may not even realize these are antibiotic drug side effects. They can appear during or after the prescription is finished.

Why are there short or long term side effects? Because dog antibiotics kill the bacteria causing infection and also the beneficial bacteria needed for many bodily functions.

One of those functions is digestion. Have you ever seen the Activia commercials on television and how it is suppose to make you 'normal'? It's claim to fame is beneficial bacteria. (But do not give this to your dog.)

The side effects I mention may be just the tip of the iceberg since those are just what you can see.

What you don't see is the lack of beneficial flora (isn't that a pretty name for bacteria?) stops the body from protecting itself against any newly invading strains of bacteria and even viruses.

If you're thinking, "So what? They work," here's a little history for you, so you can see how we as a 'modern' society got into this pickle.

The first antibiotic, penicillin was derived from a fungus. It was sort of natural. We thought it was a miracle and we used it a lot!

Then bacteria became resistant and we weren't noticing the antibiotic side effects. Next, newer, stronger antibiotics were developed.

These canine antibiotics (which are the same as those for humans) subvert the body's natural process of expelling toxins.

Not only that, they actually ADD toxins.

How? The drugs themselves along with the chemicals used to bind their components

together and the synthetic agents used to color their casings. This stuff festers in the body, straining and eventually nullifying the immune system's power to heal.

At the same time, the drugs lose their capacity to fix our problems. Just as insects have become immune to many pesticides, bacteria has become immune to many antibiotics. Have you known any people with a staph (Staphylococcus) infection that tried to get rid of it for months? Scary isn't it? Especially since the staph bacteria is really very common and shouldn't be a problem to a healthy person or dog. Yikes.

Reversing antibiotic side effects

So what do we do? Well, we need to rebuild! There are a few ways to build the immune system. Thank goodness the body has the ability to self heal if destruction hasn't gone on for too long.

Probiotics are the first step to regrow beneficial bacteria which reverses antibiotic side effects.

I keep Probiotics 11 in my fridge at all times since it works for both humans and dogs (and it's also great for gas and tummy aches).

If you only want this beneficial bacteria for the dog, look for Jarro Pet Dophilis in the fridge at the health food store.

These steps are also important:

  • Use canine antibiotics only when absolutely necessary (which should be rare.)
  • Avoid all unnecessary canine vaccines. If you haven't read it, please read about vaccine side effects. It may be an eye opener.
  • Use natural products, such as garlic for dogs. I know I mention it so often I should write a song about it - but its so good! A natural antibiotic that builds the immune system and so much more.
  • Echinacea and Golden Seal are both herbs and work great together for many illnesses. While I've used this a lot with my children and myself, I now use Liquid Silver Shield since it's nearly tasteless.

But what if the dog needs antibiotics?

Using herbal or non drug cures for bacterial overload usually does the trick. Garlic mentioned above is great in small doses in food for a boost. Golden Seal kills bacteria too. And Liquid Silver Shield is a great way get rid of bad bacteria while not affecting the good stuff.

I keep Liquid Silver Shield on hand at all times. In fact I usually get two bottles which saves me 40%. It's the number one component in my Home Remedy Medicine Chest.

  • If your dog already has a problem with a yeast ear infection, here are some natural cures. For ongoing yeast problems, contact me! If you are a do it yourself-er, use Liquid Silver Shield and Probiotics 11 (I'll add a link to those products somewhere on this page.)

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