Is Bad Dog Breath
Lurking in Your House?

Bad dog breath may have nothing to do with dirty teeth. Not only are you missing out on canine kisses, but there may be an underlying health problem you should know about.

Most people will tell you bad breath is caused by teeth that need cleaning. That has not been my experience.

If Fido has gone through that expensive teeth cleaning and still has halitosis, you need to look at other possibilities.

And if you want to avoid the trauma and cost of the teeth cleaning process, there are some ideas here as well.


Let’s get the subject of teeth out of the way first. If you believe bad dog breath is a result of dirty or stained looking teeth, by all means address that issue first. Here are other pages on this website to help you.

  •  Here’s how he can clean his own teeth. Seriously, it’s called raw bones for dogs. I kid you not. The guy in the picture is 11 years old here and this is after a year of raw food with raw meaty bones. (I know because he’s mine and now he’s 13.) His teeth are not perfect but I wish I had a before picture!

I am thoroughly amazed at how many people think dry dog food cleans the teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most kibble is full of starches that coat the teeth and set them up for decay.

The Cause of Bad Breath in Dogs

That doggie breath may just be digestion gone bad. Does that mean food is the culprit? Yes and no.

First of all, for proper digestion, there has to be beneficial bacteria in the gut to help with the process. The following is a list of things that disrupt that intestinal flora.

  •  Antibiotics
  •  corticosteroids
  •  mold
  •  vaccines and other medicines
  •  flea, tick and heartworm preventatives
  •  chlorinated tap water

 This is a partial list but I want you to understand that without proper digestion, health is at stake and disease will eventually gain a foothold.

Also, the lack of beneficial bacteria lets a nasty member of the yeast family grow out of control. The Candida Albicans fungus.

Diet as a Factor of Bad Dog Breath

A poor diet lacking nutrients will further ruin proper digestion and leave the body defenseless. Dogs were not meant to eat carbohydrates. They are and have always been carnivores.

Low level grocery store food, or even expensive premium dog food containing grains and too many unnecessary carbohydrates allow the Candida fungus to grow into a monster. (Sugar feeds yeast and carbohydrates are converted to sugar.)

That monster then gains access to the blood and travels throughout the body wreaking havoc.

Two of the most common signs of a candida problem are:

·        dog ear yeast infections

·        the redish “stain” color found where there are skin folds such as between the toes or around the genitals.

 If you have been battling these things, please visit my friend Sandra's Dog Nutrition Naturally where the list is more extensive and you can find the curing process for candida. Veterinarians sometimes prescribe antibiotics for the candida yeast which ultimately allows it to continue to grow. Remember it is not a disease, it is a treatable fungus.

Unless you buy from a small reputable company that uses human grade food and no synthetic ingredients, chanced are, you have no idea what your dog is eating. Learn to be a label reader. You may want to visit my  Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid page and copy it.

If your canine has been on antibiotics several times the beneficial bacteria in his gut has been compromised making digestion incomplete. One way to know is doing poop patrol - seriously, I talk poop!

If he suffers from dog ear yeast infections, it’s another sign that the beneficial bacteria is too low.

This being said, one of the best ways to enjoy the sweet dog breath of your dreams, is to improve his diet while adding back beneficial bacteria in the form of probiotics .

Bad Dog Breath to Health Problems

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