Bad Dog Food Ingredients
That Can Kill Your Canine

Why doesn't everyone know these bad dog food ingredients? Toxins in food slowly build up and ruin dog health. You can't see what they do inside and often other things are blamed.

Bad dog food ingredients are worse than you think

I really hate when someone contacts me and says their dog is healthy except for (fill in the blank). Or they say it couldn’t be the food because they were healthy until now and ate the same food for years.

Did you know a person can eat small doses of arsenic (a lethal poison) for quite a while before they appear to get sick? And that if it is continued that person will die? It’s the same thing. This toxic soup of stuff builds up behind the scenes and here are the top killers you need to be aware of.

Bad Dog Food Ingredients 
The Worst Culprits

  • BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin - All highly toxic preservatives. The United States is one of the few countries where the use of lethal ethoxyquin is still legal.

  •  By-products - Wheat midlings, soybean hulls, husks, bakery fines (all leftover parts without nutritional value) Meat by-products contain animal parts other than flesh including hair, bone or fertilizer.

  • By-product meals -Condensed forms of by-products listed above can contain animals dead before slaughter, cancerous parts from chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and also zoo animals and more.

  • Tallow, lard - Highly saturated fats providing no nutritional value and may be spoiled beforehand. Cooked at high temperatures to 'kill' spoilage, they cannot be broken down by the body making them a toxin for dogs. The body may store them as fatty tumors.

  • Animal digest - Made from dead, dying and diseased animals.

  • Beet pulp, tomato pomace, cullulose, potato starch, phosphoric acid - None of these items have nutritional value. They are your clue because they are added only to reduce gas and help form stool so the dog does not appear to be sick.

How can any companies boast nutritional value when including these bad dog food ingredients? It's called the vitamin pre-mix. 

To top it off, these dog foods without enough nutrition weaken our dogs to the point they get flea infestations and we add even more chemicals to their poor bodies by putting poison drops on their backs.

Once I understood what the dog food manufacturers were up to, and changed my dogs diet I was amazed how much their health and vitality improved.

Please take the time to learn more about dog health here at Three Little Pitties. It's because of what my past dogs went through that I started this website to save other dogs from all this toxic overload.

There are many pages here about foods, but if want the best, most succinct information available, I've got two suggestions. Of course I like the first one best (-:

Take my class about Choosing the Best Commercial Dog Food. It's an eye opener and comes in both written and audio format so you can listen on the go by downloading the audio file to your favorite device.

There is also a list you can get for about 20 bucks by a woman who knows the industry inside and out and has personally been allowed into dog food manufacturing plants. Each year her list has only the top foods she would feed to her own dogs and cats. You can find it at The Truth About Pet Food. I make no money from her list and I can't give it to you for free because the only way for her to continue her research is if each person pays for their own. It's a respect thing you know?

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Important Notice

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