Baking Soda Uses
Urine and Dog Vomit

Baking Soda comes in handy when the dog doesn't feel well

Baking soda uses abound when it comes to smelly dog stuff. Here is how it absorbs urine odor, dog vomit smell, stops carpet pee stains and freshens rugs.

No dog is perfect. Having five dogs means no matter how good they are, there are still accidents. Vomit, pee and poop stink!

After using every pet product the stores sold, I remembered old fashioned inexpensive baking soda, so I want to share it with you.

I appreciate that baking soda is non toxic (okay, unless you eat a huge quantity of it). It cleans gently and its my new best friend.

A dog may get sick and have diarrhea in the house or vomit when they can't get outside in time, so here's what I do.

Dog Urine Odor Control in Carpet Recipe

For big dog pee:

  • Put 1/2 cup baking soda in container
  • Add enough very hot water to make 2 cups

Stir it well and pour it over the urine on the carpet. After one minute put a folded towel over it to start absorbing the soda mix and urine. Go back later with a dry towel and soak up more by standing on the towel.

The reason I use so much liquid is to get all the way down into the carpet pad and the particle board underneath. This way it alleviates the urine odor completely.

When I use this recipe, there are no stains and no odor. I'm so pleased and I think you will be too. Plus, even for frugal me, it's really cheap.

Preventing Dog Vomit and Urine Stains

The trick to not having stains at all is using baking soda in a timely manner. Vomit is very acidic. Baking soda is very alkaline so cleaning and balancing out the pH before it sits too long will prevent stains.

For more about vomit, see vomit cleanup on the carpet.

Urine contains some uric acid and ammonia, both of which will take the color from carpet if left too long.


Remember leaving an open box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors? It does that in carpets as well and its safer and cheaper than perfumed carpet deodorizers.

I have so many baking soda uses, I get big boxes at the grocery store that cost the same as the small boxes but sold in the cleaning section instead of the cooking section.

Other Baking Soda Uses

A few other fun uses are:

  • For doggie smell in the carpet, you can sprinkle it on, brush it in with a broom and leave it. 
  • Clean a comb by letting is soak in baking soda and water 
  • Brush your teeth with it 
  • Use like cleanser for anything that comes in contact with food, such as coffee pots, inside the fridge or microwave

Baking Soda Uses to Basic Dog Care 

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