Boost Dogs Immune System
4 Keys to Dog Health

Learn the four best ways to boost dogs immune system. Some are free.  All assist in building or rebuilding a healthy happy canine and might include sharing your food and supplements.

Did you boost your dogs immune system today? This Golden Retriever just got back from a runMy Golden Retriever, Izzy, who was my running partner when I was in my 40s.

Yes, what is good for you is good for your dog. Let's start with the four basics which are often overlooked. Is it because they are too simple?

Stick with me because I'll expand on each one in a minute.

  • Incoming
  • Outgoing
  • Exercise (got a surprise for you on this one)
  • Supplementation (Knowing when canine supplements will work and when you're wasting your money)

 Is Incoming Adding or Subtracting?

When I say incoming I mean everything from from food, water, vaccines, medications, supplements and environmental toxins. Every single thing going inside your dog either adds or diminishes canine health.

Here's what I mean.

Food - Sadly, the chances of our dogs having a healthy immune system while eating mass market dog foods are slim. (I know, big sigh.)

Dog Food Manufacturers don't use the quality ingredients they claim to on the commercials because there is no law that they must. It shows eventually with ongoing health problems.

Think about it.  For instance, figure the cost of real chicken meat, brown rice, veggies and some vitamins thrown in, could you do it for 50 cents a day? A dollar a day? Two dollars a day? Nope.

Plus it has to be cooked, bagged, shipped and sold.

Throw advertising costs on top of that, and you can get a better idea (even though you don't want to) of the ingredient quality. Seriously, how can anything cooked, processed and turned into little dried thingies boost dogs immune system?

Getting back to the point, one of the best natural immune system boosters is real food. The stuff we should be eating as well.

Human grade dog food, whether you choose to feed raw or the slightly cooked version without adding those low grade dog treats can change your dog's life like it did mine.

Here are a few examples to encourage you.

A 7-year-old Golden Retriever owned by a veterinarian was diagnosed with hip dysplasia that led to arthritis so painful he was crippled. That's when Dr. Robert Goldstein, DVM took a good hard look at dog nutrition. He threw away the Top Choice and Gainesburgers and put his dog on a diet of brown rice, spinach and hamburger ... and that's not even a good diet! This was over well over 20 years ago and we know much so much more now.

What happened to this dog?

While the hip dysplasia didn't totally go away, the dogs pain did and he lived relatively disease-free until he died at seventeen and a half years old. That's ten more years!

* * *

A friend of mine who understood this long before I did, had a dog who was never fed commercial dog food. Her dog lived 22 years! She now believes her dog could have lived even longer if she'd understood natural health supplements.

Another interesting consideration - at that time, there were far less vaccines available for dogs.

Dog Vaccinations - Vaccines are toxic and some don't even work. Others do but are repeated unnecessarily 'just to be sure'.

I find it horrible that we can no longer buy a thermometer with mercury because it's too dangerous, yet that same toxic substance is in vaccines that are injected into our dogs!

There is a large body of evidence that vaccines do more harm than good, especially after the 40+ years of research by Dr. Ronald Schultz. You can find more information on this site.

I was on the fence about vaccines until one of my dogs grew a large tumor at the injection site immediately after his last shot. It was cancer.

For an interesting view on food and vaccines, read my short interview with Dog Naturally Magazine editor, Dana Scott.

If you really believe vaccines work and are needed, there has been numerous testing that proves once is enough and young puppies are not yet strong enough for a vaccine.

Medications - Drugs and medications do not boost dogs immune system! While we all sometimes need medications, try to use natural alternatives.

Why feed our dogs pesticides with flea, tick and heartworm meds?

Drugs and insecticides are toxins and must be filtered through the liver and kidneys making these organs weaker. Drugs have side effects we tend to overlook. Do you know the side effects of antibiotics ? Did you know there are natural alternatives

Do you really think giving monthly pesticides to your dog is good for his health? Here's how to protect against heartworm and all internal parasites.

And most drugs simply stop symptoms instead of curing the problem. For a good example please read the side effects of prednisone. It's an eye opener.

And remember, every time we give a dog drugs they have to recover from the condition AND the drugs.

Water - Dogs drink a lot of water and we don't give it a second thought! We fill their bowl from the tap and then open a bottle of spring water for ourselves. Hello? What are we thinking? 

Chlorine and fluoride are bad for dog health too. The least you can do if you don't have well water is get a pitcher with the charcoal filter in the top.

Outgoing - Elimination

Elimination is key. How on earth could peeing and pooping boost dogs immune system?

Well, what if it didn't? All that toxic waste would build up and make your dog very ill. Plus whatever isn't pooped or peed out often comes out through another organ. The skin.Think of allergies, hot spots and fatty tumors as examples.

Even matted tearing eyes are a form of elimination. The more chemicals ingested through foods, vaccines and crummy dog food,  the harder the immune system has to work. Our poor dogs get plum worn out dealing with all this stuff!

Exercise to Boost Dogs Immune System

Here's a favorite!  Exercise really does boost dog immune system and may be most important of all! The lymph system, one component of the immune system is in charge of cleanup but it only works during activity! So both of you get moving!

Exercise reduces stress which can actually be a toxin to the body, gets rid of free radicals and the increased oxygen flow helps everything. Oxygen is needed for every single process in the body, so oxygenate! Even five minutes a few times a day is far better than nothing.

Oh wait, the five minutes was meant for you, not the dog. Come on, give the dog more than that for heavens sake.

In fact exercise may be the number one factor to boost dogs immune system.

Do Canine Supplements Boost Dogs Immune System?

Now this is what most people think of when they want to boost dogs immune system but without the first four, you may be wasting your money. Plus not all dog supplements are created equal.

Did you notice the quotes in the right hand column? They make me smile. I thought I was the first one to discover that stuff. (I'm kidding, really.)

I bring it up now because I'm very picky about supplements. I prefer natural or whole food supplements rather than something made in a laboratory, or in the case of probiotics, some good living bacteria! And I only buy from sources I know do constant quality and potency testing.

There are some very good supplements to build up that immune system and I can help if you need to address specific problems. As a reference, I  list several choices at How to Boost Immune System With Canine Supplements.

Not all supplements are of the same quality, so I only use Nature's Sunshine Products. I refuse to give my dogs anything that isn't for human consumption.

And last but not least, two of my favorites dog supplements are in my raw dog food recipes, so check it out. And guess what? They're good for humans too so in my house, we share!

* * *

To learn more about the immune system organs and what they do, see What Is the Immune System ?

To learn the ultimate way to boost dogs immune system, there is now a carefully chosen 3 part plan I call the ABC plan.  I'm incredibly proud of this one which you can find right on my home page.

The longest living dog on record, which was 30 years was only vaccinated once with core vaccines, ate raw, and got a great deal of exercise.

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.