The Kennel Cough - Bordetella Vaccine Pros & Cons

We all want to protect our dogs so let's talk a bit about the bordetella vaccine.

Is the kennel cough vaccine harmful?

First consider that bordetella is only one strain of kennel cough because kennel cough is basically various cold viruses. We get colds too and we know the healthier we are the less colds we get right?

We don't want our dogs to get a dry hacking cough any more than we want one or our children to have one.

Why is the Bordetella Vaccine Required?

It's insurance for kennel owners that you won't blame them or sue them if your dog gets sick on their premises.

Let's face it, having many dogs in the same enclosed area is a perfect place to share illness. 

Expert Dog Immunologist Says...

 Dr. Ronald Schultz, immunization expert at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine says, “Kennel cough is not a vaccinatable disease.” 

Other Options

  • Nosodes are becoming popular because they work. Ask your vet or the kennel if they have nosodes available.
  • Stay ahead of the game if symptoms appear. There are human homeopathic cough remedies that should be easy to find by a Swiss company called Similasan. They are labeled #1, #2, and #3 and each describe what kind of cough they help best. There are also herbal cough syrups at the health food store.These are not the same as stuff at the drug store. We want to help with recovery instead of stopping symptoms.

How to Avoid the Bordetella Vaccine When Kenneling Your Dog

Go in and talk to the owner personally.

Offer to sign a waiver saying you will not hold the kennel responsible if your dog gets kennel cough while under their care and that you assume full responsibility.

Better yet, get a doggie sitter.

Bordetella Vaccine and Puppies

The bordetella vaccine is often given to puppies as young as six weeks old and I have no idea why. At this age they should still have immunity through their mother.

Not only that, but a puppy is going through a lot of emotional upheaval at that age. A new home, new people, other pets, new odors and often new food. How many times have we been told that stress causes illness? I believe giving a new member of your household any vaccinations right away is not a smart move.

Additionally, vaccinations temporarily cause suppression of the immune system and may cause symptoms of the disease (or the disease itself).

I made a promise to one of my readers that I would post a message she sent to me. Needless to say, she was very upset because she was trying to take care of her puppy.


First Name: Lexi
Country: United States

Comments or Questions : I don't recommend the intra nasal bordatella vaccine for puppies. All six of my friends' pups came down with the kennel cough within a week of intra nasal vaccination. One was so bad that he developed pneumonia within a few hours of onset of cough and almost died.


Thank you Lexi - If more people would share their experiences about the bordetella vaccine, it would help others in their decision making process.

What bothers me about Lexi's message is the intra nasal vaccine is suppose to be the safest way to go.


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