Buddy Lee

by Rendi Schmink
(Pontiac, IL USA)

Chilling on my pillow

Chilling on my pillow

I just lost my 13 yr old Beagle-Basset mix, Buddy Lee on March 1, 2014. I kind of knew it was coming but I wasn't nearly as ready as I thought.

Buddy was 8 weeks old when my ex-husband and I got him and he’s been the best dog I’ve ever had. That boy was smart, funny and sneaky too! He was on three different meds to help him deal with heart issues for the last four years we were together. He’d had a tumor removed from his belly and a tumor on his toe we left alone since it didn’t seem to bother him.

The weeks before his passing he was playing, barking and being his old self. He couldn't play for a long time, but he did what he could. A few days before he left for Rainbow Bridge he just stopped eating. We made chicken and rice and that worked for 2 days. Then last Saturday he wouldn't eat at all. No barking or playing and no crying or whining either. He was just quiet.

That night it was like he knew it was time because he would come up to me and just look at me with those big brown eyes. Like he was saying, “It's OK mom, I'm ready.” I should have stayed with him that night but I thought he would make it another night. I was wrong and at 3 am he was gone.

After my divorce I took buddy with me and for 10 years it was just us till I re-married last November. I love him and miss him so much. I knew I would - but this is more than I thought was possible. I know he's in a better place where he can run and play and have all his teeth back to eat those yummy bones.

I had him cremated so he can be with me at all times till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for other inspirational loving pet stories to help lift my spirits. I know it will get better... Just hope that day hurries.

* * *

Rendi, thank you for sharing. It would be easier if we could hurry through our grief but we both know it takes time. We miss things we didn’t think we would. Not just the cute stuff but the sneaky stuff too. It makes us laugh and cry at the same time to wish for just one more bad behavior or even the sound of those toenails tap-tap-tapping on the floor.

He’s fine now and I hope the Rainbow Bridge Poem reminds you of that. Last but not least, I’m happy that you have his ashes and I wouldn’t tell a soul if you picked them up and gave them a hug as a way of telling your guy how much you love and miss him …because I’ve done the same thing.

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