Buster, the Greatest Dog Ever

by Chris
(Stockport, UK)

Buster was a boxer with all the best boxer traits. He was loyal protective, funny and highly intelligent. The day before he died was just a normal day. We went for our normal walks and he ate his food with his normal enthusiasm. At half past five in the morning, the cat woke me to go out. That wasn’t unusual but instead of scratching annoyingly at the base of the bed like normal he came in the bedroom yelling at me.

I got out of bed and went downstairs. I passed busters basket and could see it was empty. Perhaps he was upstairs on the landing asleep and I hadn't noticed him? But no …there he was , stretched out at the back door and he was dead. I can’t tell you the shock that overtook me. I was heartbroken.

I know other dog owners would probably say the same but he was the best. Never could a dog be loved more than him. Nothing seems right anymore. The house is so quiet and feels incredibly empty. He isn't there to greet me or to hug me. We all miss him so much I sometimes feel the loss is unbearable.

I am grateful he didn't suffer and that I never had to make that painful decision of when to have him put to sleep but I grieve for me. My loss. My pain. We enjoyed his company for ten blissful years. The children grew up with him. He joined in their games and protected us all. I miss his different barks. There was his woo-woo bark when the back gate opened and his gentle woof when he wanted something. And who could not love that boxer snort when he was being playful or his Chewbacca impression that made us all laugh? And there was also his fearsome bark to ward off intruders or threats to keep us all safe.

He truly was the best dog in the world.

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