Why a Candida Cleanse
Solves Many Dog Health Problems

Dog ear infections? Dog skin allergies, issues, rashes, bumps or redness? It may be time for a dog yeast infection treatment called a candida cleanse.

Does Your Dog Need a Candida Cleanse?Here's Soren, a 6-year-old pit bull who is about to begin a candida cleanse. Her mom is letting me share her picture with you. I think she's gorgeous!

Why? First of all Candida is a yeast which is a fungus.

And this fungus among us stinks! (Both literally and figuratively)

It's misdiagnosed often and your dog may have been given antibiotics for ear infections (often several times) or antibiotics for skin problems similar to those things I've described above.

The problem is antibiotics make yeast worse instead of better by killing off the good bacteria that would have kept that yeast in check.

The next thing is taking your dog to a specialist to find out what his "allergy" is.

Dog allergies? Well, why else would a dog chew at himself; get rashes, bumps, lumps that drive him crazy?

And let's not forget about inflammation.   I'd like you to think especially of paws and bellies, but it's going on inside as well.

So instead of allergies, could it be yeast? You betcha.  That yeast just keeps growing and becomes systemic so it's everywhere in the body.

Tiny note: There are also other types of yeast that can grow out of bounds but candida is the most common. All need to be addressed the same way.

Sometimes a yeast problem is easy to spot with all those little lumps and bumps and other times a dog just plain stinks. No matter how many times you bathe your baby, within a day that stink is back because it's coming from the inside.

So how did it all happen?

How Does a Dog Get a Candida Yeast Infection?

It doesn't happen overnight. It's a condition of imbalance. All bodies have a certain amount of yeast in the gut. That's normal. Friendly bacteria keeps it at the right level.

BUT when friendly bacteria in the gut is killed by antibiotics and other drugs, there is nothing to stop or control yeast growth. Certain foods and treats impact the growth of yeast as well. 

Now here is how we unknowingly provide a continuous supply of gourmet food for the yeast.

The affects of licking & chewing that itchy yeast

You see, all types of yeast feed on starches. Sugar is what most people think of but here are some that may surprise you.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes and other unnecessary ingredients such as tapioca in dog food are all converted into sugar, that dream buffet for yeast.

Eventually we get what I call the Candida Monster. I know because it has visited yours truly. And I have rarely been on antibiotics but my gut gets imbalanced anyway.

Think of it like this picture which is simply yeast, sugar and water.

If you've ever made bread from scratch using yeast and sugar, you may have seen the yeast bubbling as it gobbles the sugar. The creation of gas makes bread rise but inside us or our dogs it can ruin digestion and cause all those problems I mentioned. Yuck!

Before You Begin. . .

Black tummy skin from yeast abundance

Before you begin the candida cleanse, there is a hugely important criteria for success. It's called the 3 P's

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Follow the Program

Why?  Because this is not a quick fix. This stuff has been growing out of control for a long time (often years)  and it's going to take a long time to reverse it.  If you have the 3 P's,  you will be amazed - and the lovely happy dog you have by the time it's done will leave you feeling blessed the candida cleanse has done it's job.

The Candida Cleanse Components

Now I'll share the components of the candida cleanse and what they do.

FOR DOGS OVER 45 POUNDS ONLY - Yeast/Fungal Detox - ( Stock # 508-9 )

This is a potent detoxification product formulated to inhibit the growth of unfriendly organisms and help restore balanceExcesses of yeast and fungus can compromise the immune, digestive and urinary systems. 

Colostrum -  ( Stock # 1828 )

A compromised immune system should not be boosted because of the stress from yeast. Rather immune balancing is in order and colostrum fits the bill nicely. This lovely variety can be given every day for life.

Thinking immune and digestive systems, next up are probiotics:

NutriBiome Bacillus Coagulans Probiotics - (Stock # 6109-3)

This special strain helps reset the gut microbiome so it's part one.

Probiotics Eleven ( Stock # 1510-1 )

After the reset, it's time to start to repopulate the intestinal tract with 11 strains of live beneficial microorganism to regain balance. These beneficial organisms promote gut health and build strong immune function . They will also help to repair the inflamed intestinal lining and prevent the leakage of undigested proteins, toxins and fungus into the bloodstream.

Protease Plus - ( Stock # 1841-7 )

Here we have enzymes to give between meals so they can digest foreign proteins in the blood (yeast cell die off is considered protein). Undigested proteins have been linked to a variety of health concerns, including allergies. Often, these undigested proteins result in a false positive, when allergy testing. Again we are strengthening the immune system with this product.

Liver Cleanse Formula - ( Stock # 1010-3 )

The liver performs 500 functions in the body daily. It supports digestive functions by secreting bile for emulsification of fat, controls the metabolism of nutrients and serves as a reservoir for many nutrients and metabolites. The liver’s central position and involvement with many metabolic functions, make it susceptible to stressors. It's role in the processing of drugs and other foreign substances is among its most difficult and stressful tasks. 

This product strengthens the liver and thus the immune system as well.

Shield w/Aqua Sol  -   (Stock # 21488-8)

Taking Care of bacterial infections, help kill the fungus, and aid inflammation (swelling) without antibiotics. And you can guess that all that licking, scratching and chewing will at some point cause infection. I love this stuff and always have the biggest bottle in the cupboard. Comes in handy for a myriad of things for both Lulu and I.

To order these products through me and to get my assistance with doses, the  link below will open in a new window. Obviously this will be far easier on a computer rather than your phone. Anyway, copy and paste each product into the search; add it to your cart and at checkout JOIN FOR FREE AS A MEMBER TO GET THE SAME DISCOUNT I GET. Once I see your order come through I'll contact you or you can contact me through my personal email provided by NSP with your order confirmation.

Natures Sunshine

NOTE: For Canadian orders please replace Liver Cleanse Formula with LIV-A ( Stock #1010-8) and place your order through Sandra King's website which is at the bottom of the page.

These dark spots are where the fur stopped growing. The dog is NOT spotted. Shortly after this was taken the fur began falling out. His mom gave him the yeast cleanse

Helping the Candida Cleanse With Diet

Since yeast feeds on all forms of starch, think about what your dog's food contains. And his treats. If your canine family member is eating kibble or even canned food it's likely that the majority of it is made from starch. Starches FEED YEAST.

I sincerely hope you will consider a raw food diet. All the people I've worked with have made the switch and every one of them were thrilled with the results. Many of them were really afraid to switch and most of them thought it would be too expensive but it isn't when you do it right. 

* * *

The pictures on this page were sent by people asking for my help and all the dogs recovered nicely after the candida cleanse.

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