Canine Adenovirus
The Puppy Vaccine Controversy

If canine adenovirus is like the common cold, how can it lead to dog hepatitis and why on earth is it given as a puppy shot repeatedly? When does it cause more harm than good?

the truth about canine adenovirus vaccinations my surprise you

The name represents several viral strains affecting the upper respiratory system. Usually no more dangerous than the common cold in humans, why on earth do we vaccinate for it? Because we can.

The problem is so many of us don't know when the vaccine should be given, if at all. And few seem to be aware of the side effects so I'm going to jump right in and give you a crash course. And then I'll tell you how it can be treated at home in the unlikely event your pup gets it.  Ready?

Canine Hepatitis?

First, let's get hepatitis out of the way. The word tends to scare us. (Well it does me.) As in humans, hepatitis creates inflammation of the liver. If the liver doesn't work properly, the entire body is affected (or, the body is not a happy camper). The canine adenovirus vaccine also prevents hepatitis in dogs. However, dog hepatitis hasn't been seen in years so why the heck are we vaccinating against it? And why repeatedly?

Oh, just to be sure you say? Ah, but do you know as with most vaccines, the side effects can be far worse than the disease? In fact, each time your dog is vaccinated for any disease that vaccine has the ability to kill him or cause serious harm.

I'm not just talking out my . . .(word deleted for the sensitive). You will find the list of Vaccine Reactions on my Vaccine Side Effects Page.


 Noted immunologist Dr. Ronald Schultz, has been studying the effectiveness and side effects of vaccines for 40 years. I'll share bits and pieces of what I've read throughout my vaccine pages rather than all at once so I don't fall asleep. (I hate statistics and will endeavor to use as few as possible so you don't fall asleep either.)

Dr. Shultz recommends a minimal vaccine program (if using one at all) that includes one vaccination for Parvo, Distemper and Adenovirus, given at 12 weeks of age (or later). Twelve weeks is not an arbitrary number – it is the earliest age where a combination canine adenovirus/ parvo/distemper vaccine will have the greatest chance of protecting puppies.

And followup vaccines? None. That's it for a lifetime.

Now What?

And if you can't let go of "just in case" mentality, the results of a combination vaccine study done by Vanguard found:

  • At 6 weeks there is only a 52% chance of protection against Parvo
  • At 9 weeks 88% showed a response to the vaccine
  • At 12 weeks 100% were protected

And when the vaccine is repeated it turns out the first vaccine can interfere with the second. Meaning, instead of doubling the chance of being protected from the disease it only doubles the risk of adverse vaccine reactions.


 Whether you take your puppy in at that magical age of 12 weeks or before, get an early appointment and carry him or her to lessen the chances of your pup picking up a virus at the vet's office.

The Cure for Adenovirus

Like the cure for the common cold in humans, you may start with:

  • Vitamin C - 500 mg 3 times per day for a 35 pound dog
  • Garlic (go to that page for dosage)

To get some real healing, use one of these twice a day for 12 days since they both have natural antibiotic properties:

All of these things listed are natural immune enhancing products that cure without side effects. If you don't have these in your kitchen or medicine chest, you should. 

I haven't been without a good quality Vitamin C (Ester C), raw garlic, organic liquid goldenseal or organic liquid echinacea in twenty years. A few years ago I added the NSP Liquid Silver Shield and I'm glad I did. It's practically tasteless and the dogs don't mind it at all. Plus it often does a better job than an antibiotic.

I swear by them. In fact, you couldn't pay me to take an over the counter medicine like a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, or antihistamine because they don't cure a thing! I don't want to stop side effects for myself or my dogs. I only want cures!

Please keep in mind we are over-vaccinating at an alarming rate and seeing more and more vaccine side effects.

If your wondering if I'll ever allow my dogs to be vaccinated for the canine adenovirus or anything, the answer is no. May you never see your dog die of cancer from a vaccination. I promise, it's terrible.

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