Canine Circovirus
Symptoms, Avoidance and Protection Without a Vaccine

Afraid your dog might contract the canine circovirus? What is it and how do we protect our dogs from this potentially deadly disease? It’s possible without a vaccine and here’s how.

One of my favorite clients emailed me about the threat of this new dog disease for her beloved Pit Bull, Ice. (That's him in the picture and I have fallen hopelessly in love with the boy.)

I knew what she was thinking. "What is this new dog virus? How can I protect him? What would treatment be?"

I began with asking if she had her Silver on hand, which she did and we both breathed a sigh of relief.

She suggested I write about it on my website to help others, so here I am.

The best protection against any disease including the Dog Circovirus, comes first with nutrition because a healthy body is far less susceptible to health problems, including disease (no silly, disease is not the only problem).

And don't forget the exercise since it keeps the lymph system in peak performance (like Ice).

Protocol for Prevention of Canine Circovirus

Then we can use a combination of remedies, mostly herbal, having a strong anti viral action and immune enhancing benefits. I would simply do this every day in a high risk area.

If not in a high risk area, I would keep it on hand anyway, just in case symptoms appear. Why? Because this virus acts quickly so there's no time to waste. And since it's not a 'medication' there are no side effects.

If you're new to the Three Little Pitties website, I use NSP products. Why? Because the products are excellent and I trust their potency. They're even on the Forbes 2013 list America's Most Trustworthy Companies. This doesn't surprise me, but it is impressive.

As a dog health coach I use many health enhancing supplements. We need to boost the immune system to thwart pathogens and here’s what I suggest for my clients concerned with their dog’s exposure to canine circovirus whether in an area of a suspected outbreak or needing to kennel their pooch for the holiday.


1. VS-C Herbal Combination (Stock #937-7)   Supports the immune system; fights off biological stressors; nourishes the liver; supports detoxification and promotes a healthy respiratory tract.

Dosage: 1 capsule per 25 pounds of body weight in food.

For Small Dogs Use
VS-C Liquid (Stock #3167-6)  dogs under 25 lbs - 3 drops in food 2 X daily

2.Una De Gata Combination (Stock #175-0)  Strong anti viral action, immune enhancing benefits - Helps enhance the body’s production of immunoglobulin (an antibody belonging to a group formed by cells of the immune system and present in the blood) and stimulates macrophages (a type of white blood cell that ingests foreign material)

Dosage: 1 capsule per 25 pounds body weight in food.

3.Silver Shield w/Aqua Sol (Stock #4274-1) - A favorite I keep on hand at all times. A special form of colloidal silver which kills bacteria, and virus. A natural antibiotic and much more.

Dosage: 1 tsp ( 3 cc's in a syringe ) per 25 lbs of body weight on an empty    stomach.

Note: This combination will also work on other things like yeast fungi and building immune response. So it's a program that can be used over the long haul generally too.

Symptoms of Canine Circovirus Infection and How is it Contracted

I would have listed the symptoms first but I'm guessing by now you know them. Symptoms include bloody diarrhea and vomiting, extreme lethargy, neurological problems and a lack of appetite.

The AVMA states it is unknown how circovirus is contracted at this time but wherever there is a higher concentration of dogs, such as a dog park or boarding facility, the risk may increase.


What the American Veterinary Medical Association Says

Dogs infected with circovirus have been reported in California and suspected in Ohio and Michigan. (The AVMA says the tests are not complete as of yet.)

They also confirm there is no vaccine at the present time. (The disease was discovered in 2012 so there hasn't been enough time.)

I found it interesting to read on their website that circovirus was identified in the stool of 14 out of 204 healthy dogs, suggesting that infection with circovirus does not always result in illness. 

This might be indicative that boosting our dogs immune system is the best course for prevention.



The last thing we need is a vaccine for Canine Circovirus. How can I say that? Because I am informed.  After the experience of 50 years (gulp) of pet ownership, seeing which of my dogs thrived and which didn’t; and learning through the work of veterinarian Dr. Jean Dodd (look up Rabies Challenge Fund) and noted veterinary immunologist, Dr. Ronald Shultz's 40 year study on vaccines (showing which vaccines work, which ones don’t and the side effects people don’t seem to be aware of); I know beyond a shadow of a doubt vaccines do more harm than good. And if you haven't heard, "One and done" will be the new motto with vaccines.

But there’s more. Aside from the mercury like substance in dog vaccines, which is highly toxic, new diseases may actually be coming from vaccines themselves. While one side effect from a vaccine is to get the disease the vaccine was suppose to prevent, there seems to be more insidious problems.

Because animal cells are used in the making of vaccines, a cell carrying one disease can taint the vaccine being made to protect against another disease. An example? The human rotavirus vaccine, Rotarix, was suspended in the US. Why? The vaccine was found to be contaminated with porcine circovirus, the very same virus they are now finding in dogs.

There are other examples in a good article at Dogs Naturally Magazine about the Dog Circovirus  worth reading.

* * *

Remember the best prevention for any disease including the canine circovirus is health. Occasional top notch supplements along with nutritious foods  are key to dog health and you probably won’t find that food in a bag, a box or a can.


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