Canine Diabetes Treatment
and Supplements for the Diabetic

Insulin for dogs is not the only canine diabetes treatment. Diet, exercise and supplements for the diabetic to support the pancreas and other organs are an integral part of care for this dog disease.

Insulin for Dogs

Your vet will prescribe insulin as a dog diabetes treatment and show you how to check his glucose level on a daily basis.

Insulin is not a cure. It simply provides one thing the dog's pancreas can no longer do. Other organs are still affected because they have to work harder to keep everything working.

Although infrequent, there is a condition called transient diabetes where the pancreas shuts down only temporarily and supplements for diabetic dogs with the right diet could cure this disease.

For emergency situations of too much insulin, keeping Karo syrup or honey on hand can save a dog's life. If your dog becomes shaky or experiences a seizure due to an overdose of insulin, these sugar rich foods will help balance him out.

Effects of Diabetes

Let's face it, dog diabetes affects the whole body and canine diabetes treatment should help the whole body. Without one organ working properly, it puts stress on the others. Among other things there can be a loss of dog liver and heart health and the onset of kidney disease in dogs as well.

This means herbs to support the body organs are extremely important along with a very healthy diet. I know of two different schools of thought for the diabetes dog diet and I will share them both with you on that page.

After all, I know you are an intelligent person and you are the one who has to decide what you think is best for your dog.

Diabetic Dog Diet

Food is a very important part of canine diabetes treatment. A natural dog food diet including raw meat is excellent. A healthy nutritious homemade dog food diet may help your dog immensely as well.

It seems logical a canine diabetic diet along with targeted supplements could lower insulin need and perhaps for a few, cure this disease if those remedies are strengthening and rebuilding the organs which led to the onset of diabetes.

Decreasing fat is part of the diet. Dogs need fat, but one school of thought is that the diabetic dog should have less. Why? The pancreas doesn't just provide insulin - it produces a number of enzymes that break down fat. By sticking to leaner and less meat and adding whole grains to the diet is suppose to ease the work of the pancreas.

I personally have a bit of a problem with this and here’s why. Dog diabetes is a food provoked disease. Whether it’s our bodies or our dog’s bodies, many carbohydrates are seen as sugar in a sense thus needing more insulin.

When I talk about carbohydrates here I am referring largely to grains. The more refined, the worse they are. You know the mill ends they use in lower grade commercial dog foods (these may not be lower priced) Sadly, I’ve even seen some awful stuff at the vet’s office. 

Here's a short page I wrote about  "wheat flour" used in common dog biscuits, treats and foods.

Therefore, the other school of thought is raw meat with or without  pulverized vegetables because the enzymes are intact and much easier to digest. Adding the following support will help immensely. After all, instead of giving up on the pancreas, why don’t we try to heal it a bit instead. It would be worth a shot (cute pun huh?) to me.

I have some carefully chosen suggestions. They are high quality, human grade supplements. After you read them and what they do, please click over to Why NSP? so you know why I chose them and how to get a discount each time you make a purchase.

Target P14 (stock # 2810-1) Contains 14 herbs to support pancreatic function, maintaining blood sugar levels and the function of B vitamins.

CoQ10 - (stock #4109-8) To reduce oxidative stress in the cells of other organs, since diabetes affects heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.

In this same line of reasoning, if you do your own homemade dog food via cooking, supplementing with enzymes for dogs would be a logical thing to do. I recommend:

Proactazyme Plus (stock # 1525-0) Contains full spectrum enzymes from plant sources.


Spirulina (stock # 681-1) To replace vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients and amino acids that are destroying by the heat from cooking.

Homeopathic Remedies

Dr. Marty Goldstein, in The Nature of Animal Healing notes a standard protocol of supplements that include injectible homeopathic pancreas in dilution; pancreatic enzymes; "pancreatic drops"; raw pancreas glandular and a Chinese herb called Rehmannia 16.

These supplements can only be purchased by a holistic practitioner but I mention them here to let you know there are ways to increase dog health and not just 'treat' this disease with insulin.

Exercise and Dog Diabetes

As part of the canine diabetes treatment, exercise! Exercise decreases insulin needs BUT erratic exercise can make the blood sugar level erratic too! Take those long walks, runs or extended games of fetch at the same time every day for dog health.

If you choose to supplement for diabetic health, contact me for dosage and any support I can give you.

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