Canine Diarrhea Treatment

Are you fueling the fire for canine diarrhea? Let’s talk about causes for everything from loose stools to chronic puddles and which dog diarrhea treatment is best for your dog.

Even the coolest dogs need a dog diarrhea treatment sometimes

The cause of diarrhea in dogs can vary so the treatment should vary as well.

Here we have Bonz Capone incognito. He was embarrassed by the bad diarrhea he got at 13 but it told me what he needed.

My silly humor aside, first let's define when we have a problem.

When soft stools hit the ground still shaped pretty much like poop and there is little or no straining when your dog relieves himself -  This is not diarrhea and should be monitored only.

Full fledged diarrhea either shoots like a rocket or sort of melts to the ground. It can look like something between the consistency of mashed potatoes to a thin oozing puddle. Your poor dog is straining and may continue to 'try' several times producing little to nothing more.

The more often he goes, the more dangerous it is because he will become dehydrated.

What is especially scary for us is when we also see mucus or blood because we know there is a problem.

Big Hairy Note: If your dog has urgent diarrhea accompanied by vomiting, weakness and fails the dehydration test, take him to the vet. If he seems weak when he walks or doesn't want to get up, stop reading this and take him to the vet now. These are symptoms of pancreatitis. Withhold even water for this because only an IV or enema will allow him to retain fluids.

What Causes Canine Diarrhea?

Here's a list of causes:

  • stress
  • change of diet
  • food allergies (caused by vaccines and same food long term)
  • non food items
  • bacteria (including, Giardia, which causes intermittent bouts)
  • viruses
  • parasites
  • vaccines (dogs are regularly over vaccinated)
  • drugs/medications (includes antibiotics, heartworm, flea, dewormers)

No matter the cause, the body has the same goal, to get rid of something as fast as possible and avoid absorption into the body through the intestinal walls.

This is why I hate to use something like kaopectate. It will stop the diarrhea but that may not be the best thing for the body since the body is trying to heal itself by eliminating the problem.

If my dog has a bacterial or viral infection, the last thing I want is to keep it inside!

Put your thinking cap on and ask yourself which of these things are the most likely. Check his temperature. Normal is about 101. (If you need to know how, see Canine Temperature.)

Dog Diarrhea Treatment

for Mild to Medium Cases

First I watch my dogs closely. If it's very runny but he only needs to go outside 3 or 4 times in 24 hours, I'm concerned but not worried and chances are excellent it will clear up quickly.

I also keep several things on hand.

  • A homeopathic combination remedy for diarrhea or homeopathic phosphorus by itself. Homeopathic medicine has no side effects and helps the body cure itself faster.
  • PLAIN canned pumpkin (or baked sweet potatoes) mixed with lightly cooked ground turkey will give nutrients and be easier to digest and smaller more frequent meals are best.
  • If a dog chooses not to eat, that's fine. He's giving his body a needed break. Please see Fasting For Health

Dog Diarrhea Treatment

for Medium Cases and Worse

Even if I'm not sure what the cause of canine diarrhea is, I know if it's explosive, frequent, or he is straining:

  • Stop feeding the dog! Water only.

If it lasts more than a day it's time to get serious:

  • Fast for 12 to 24 hours. Yup, stop feeding the dog!

If his temperature is above normal or there is mucus (see Dog Poop Health) which indicates inflammation in the small bowel, l get out the big guns. NSP Liquid Silver Shield.

If you're not one of my regular readers, Silver Shield is the best Colloidal Silver I know of. It is used for both bacterial and viral infections and reduces inflammation at the same time.

It's a regular in my home medicine chest but don't buy it until you read about it and what it does. A good place to start is at my canine antibiotics page.

Chronic Diarrhea in Dogs

Chronic diarrhea in dogs is debilitating and stresses several organs in the body. It will not go away without a change in diet and something to heal the body.

Please contact me for help. Together we can figure it out and you can get your dog on a diet that nourishes him along with some herbal remedies.

While there are several possibilities, it could be undiagnosed Canine Coccidia or Giardia or Canine IBD so read about those things before you contact me for help.

Canine IBD is far more common that I knew before I started this website. You can read about it at  Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

* * *

And since we've been talking canine diarrhea, you might be interested to know my favorite way to get it out of the carpet. Find that at...  baking soda uses.

To learn a lot about natural dog health, here is a book I have.

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Important Notice

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To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.