Canine Lyme Disease
The Vaccine & the Cure

Let's talk canine Lyme disease. From ticks on dogs as the cause; the vaccine; and the cure as well. Treatment isn't difficult, but can take time. I'll share my at home treatment.

A bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi and it is transmitted through the bite of a tick. . .

how dangerous IS canine lyme disease ?

Ticks on Dogs

First of all, let me say that not all ticks carry Lyme Disease. I know we worry about our dogs, but it's important to get the facts and not overreact.

The best course of action to prevent canine Lyme Disease is to check your dog every day and remove the ticks. Pretty simple. The followup treatment if you live in an area with Deer Ticks is listed under the cure below.

Proper tick removal is to grasp the tick's body with tweezers (I use my fingernails) close to the animal's skin. Pull and twist at the same time away from the skin. Check to see that the head is still on the tick.

Uh-oh, No Head !

Don't panic! Put hydrogen peroxide on it. In fact, even if there is no head, the peroxide will kill bacteria. If you have it, use Silver Shield, either liquid or ointment.

My experience over the last 20 plus years has been I've worried for nothing. If you don't have Silver Shield, give fresh raw garlic.

The worst that's happened is a small amount of redness and swelling while the dogs immune system is working to push out the foreign body ...or in this case, the head.

Note: I usually just find ticks here and there. The most I ever picked off a dog during a bad season, was 15 in one day, and they were all large ticks (not deer ticks).

Contracting Canine Lyme Disease

Carried by a Deer Tick that has fed on a White Footed Mouse (I kid you not), Lyme's disease is a type of spirochete bacterium not unlike malaria. ( it cycles ). It takes 48 hours for the tick to transmit the bacteria to the dog.

That's why regularly checking and removing ticks should be enough to ward off the disease.

What if you live in a Lyme-infested area? Most dogs in an infested area acquire Lyme antibodies without ever showing symptoms of getting the full-blown disease. In fact there is some disagreement whether dogs even react to the bacteria unless they have a weak immune system or have had the lyme vaccine.

The problem is how do you know whether your dog has a weak immune system or not?

Canine Lyme Disease Cure (and Human)

If you find a tick, swab with hydrogen peroxide at the wound site and start Liquid Silver Shield for 3 days.

If the dog already has been diagnosed with Lymes' and is on an antibiotic program, the Silver will help it work even better. It cures and builds the immune system at the same time.

Here is a little thing I made about the benefits of Liquid Silver Shield. I didn't list all the uses when I originally made it. Neither of us would remember everything on the list anyway. The point being Colloidal Silver cures many ailments, does not need a prescription and is nearly tasteless.

Best of all, it has no negative side effects like antibiotics. I keep it in my medicine chest for the whole family and it's included in my home remedies for dogs (if you want to be prepared for practically everything.)

If you suspect Lyme's, (see symptoms below) and the dog is NOT
already on an antibiotic program get started on Liquid Silver Shield
right away and continue for at least three months. (I know that's a long time but you're going to build your dogs immune system while you cure him.)

The dosage is as follows:

  • Dogs under 50 lbs - 1 teaspoon ( or 3 cc's in an oral syringe ) 3 times a day.
  • Small dogs 10 drops 3 times a day.

I suggest buying the 16 oz bottle of Silver Shield bottle like I do so you get a discount. Check to see which one might be on sale which could give you a double discount. I don't know about you, but I try to never pay full price.

Canine Lyme Disease Vaccine

Should you get your dog a Lyme Disease vaccination? No! Take this one off your dog vaccination schedule. The vaccine does more harm than good. If you haven't read it, please check out my page on the Lyme vaccine and knowing  vaccine side effects is a very good thing as well.

Many specialists do not recommend routine vaccination because so few dogs actually develop symptoms of Lyme disease. When it does occur in dogs, usually it is easily treated with antibiotics. (Hard to heal cases need Silver Shield.)

What is worse, cases of this disease in areas previously not reporting Lyme disease carrying ticks, began AFTER thousands of dogs were vaccinated. In this case, was it the vaccine that actually created the disease? Most likely.

Lyme Disease Testing

The test for Lyme disease is notoriously unreliable. It can come back positive when in fact it isn't. If the test shows a strong positive and the dog has symptoms, then it can be assumed the positive test is correct.

Signs and Symptoms

The problem I have with the symptoms is they could be caused by other things besides the canine Lyme disease. I am not a veterinarian and don't claim to be. None of my dogs have gotten the disease, so I am reluctant to list the symptoms. Most of the information on this site is from personal experience and backed up by several books by veterinarians, both naturapathic and allopathic. The most common symptom is lameness.

  • fever
  • decreased appetite
  • swollen, painful joints (dogs may be reluctant to move)
  • lameness -- limping which may be mild at first, then worsen, and may also shift from one leg to another
  • lethargy
  • swollen lymph nodes

A Final Note About Dog Diseases

Please remember that dog health and nutrition are the best ways to combat and avoid disease. Find a healthy supplement for your dog, avoid unnecessary dog shots and remember this motto: A carrot a day, keeps the doctor away! Stop laughing, I'm serious!

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