Canine Obesity
Is My Dog Fat ?

Canine obesity is dangerous to your dog's health. If you ask, "Is My Dog Fat?" when he barks at visitors from a lying position, we need to talk.

If your dog looks like this, he is fatThis dog should look fat to you. He waddles and looks like a tootsie roll when standing. His owners insist he is hungry because he begs for their food. Of course he begs. It works.

It amazes me how many people blindly and literally love their dogs to death.

Simply put, a fat dog will have health problems, a shorter life span and feel miserable.

If you have ever been fat, you know how uncomfortable it is carrying around those excessive pounds. If you haven't, I can tell you from personal experience.

It can be difficult or impossible to run; walking is a chore and reaching areas on your own body is a stretch. It is even uncomfortable to sit down!

Signs of Canine Obesity

-You Know Your Dog is Fat When

  • If your dog's legs look too skinny for his body, your dog is fat!
  • If your dog's head is too small for his body, your dog is fat!
  • If your dog gets winded when chasing the cat across the yard, your dog is fat!
  • If you take your dog for a walk and he'll only leave the yard when the neighbor is barbecuing chicken outside, your dog is fat!
  • If your dog wants you to bring his food bowl to him instead of walking into the kitchen to get it, your dog is fat!
  • If your dog barks when someone comes to the door from a lying down position, your dog is obese!
  • If your dog needs a boost to get into the car and you need help to hoist him up, your dog is fat!
  • If your dog's belly looks like a cow's udders, your dog is fat!
  • If someone thinks your dog's saggy belly is from having puppies but your dog is a male, your dog is fat!
  • If you blame your dog's weight on thyroid problems, you are making your dog fat!

I am not making fun of fat dogs but I am making fun of their owners. If you are one of them, I want you to have a good laugh at yourself and then change your ways! Your dog's health is at stake.

Lord have mercy, someone close to me was blind when it came to her dog. She actually called everyone to let us know indignantly that the vet said her dog was fat and needed to get some exercise and go on a diet.

The vet should have said her dog was obese. At 50 pounds overweight he looked like a pin head. He didn't walk, he waddled. He should have weighed 65 pounds and weighed 115. She tried to walk him for exercise like the vet suggested but he couldn't walk past the neighbor's house. He would huff and puff and lay down in the street. Trust me, these neighbors were not far. This is called canine obesity!

She decided to cut back his ice cream bars to one a day instead of two, plus cut back on the giant bag of weekly beggin strips and took off half the bun from his Friday night deluxe hamburger treat, which she faithfully picked up from a rather decent restaurant - and all the while explaining he only ate 1 cup of dog food a day.

Somehow she didn't notice the dog ate more than she did, was less than half her size and the dog's total exercise regime consisted of walking outside to go potty if she could pry him off the bed.

At the ripe old age of 36 months, he had lost weight but was still carrying an extra 25 pounds.

Here are some things to look out for that can have adverse affects on dog health.

And for heaven sakes, if you are living with canine obesity AND flatulence, read Dog Farting. (Yes I actually titled it that.)

Strive to give your dog foods that improve his health, not take it away.  Consider a raw diet and supplements that improve digestion. You can find both on this website.

If you really want to spoil your dog, give him your time. Take a long walk or play a game.


Canine Obesity to Common Health Problem

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