Canine Raw Diet
  Ideas for Low Cost Raw Meat for Dogs

Some of us need to think outside the box to provide a canine raw diet. If you don't mind paying $4.00 to $6.00 per pound this page isn't for you. If on the other hand you need to budget. . .

Two of our favorite family guys waiting outside of the kitchen for dinner.

As the trend of feeding raw dog food has grown A LOT in the last decade, the first step is to check for local groups in your area. Just Google, Bing or Yahoo it. Or all three since they rank differently. Check Facebook groups as well.

Don't get discouraged. Join as many as you can and check the posts. Even those who post high prices often have members who either come across a great find or offer one.

Your patience will be rewarded. I joined a few new ones when I moved across the country and it took nearly 2 months before someone posted an awesome new find for a large variety of beef, bison, lamb and goat, including organs and offal.

I now have a local source for everything my dog needs for under $2.00 a pound. A huge difference when feeding a dog well over 50 pounds.

No Canine Raw Diet Groups?

  • Shop grocery store sales (see more below)
  • Check with local butchers for leftovers
  • Check the processing places that hunters use for deer etc. You may get healthy scraps for a song. ( Contact the Dept. of Natural Resources in your state to check hunting seasons and help you find local processors )
  • If you know anyone who hunts or fishes, get their leftovers. If their freezer's begin to runneth over, they may give away stuff to give themselves more room.(People don't like freezer burn but dogs could care less.)
  • Check for local dog delis. Some are very reasonable and will grind the bone into the mix.

Grocery Store Ideas

I still see 10 lb bags of chicken leg quarters for about six bucks. That's 60 cents a pound.

How about beef roasts on sale? You can get those pretty cheap as well. Yes you will probably have to cut those things up and refreeze small batches but it's great to have on hand.

You may still have to pay more for organ meat but your overall price is reasonable.

The Point Is

Be patient. There's that old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way".

When I began the raw feeding journey in 2007, I had five big dogs. Shopping those online places would have cost me $55 a day! Yet I managed to do it for closer to $5.00 a day.

And there was humor - at least for the rest of my family who watched me with my trusty ice pick tackling things like 40 lb frozen blocks of chicken backs stuck together. I swear even the dogs were laughing at me.

The one they didn't see was the time I got selfish and hoarded. I had a fresh 20 lb beef roast ($30) that looked so good I cut off five pounds.  Roasted it was delicious. Plus I had leftovers for sandwiches hidden in the back of the fridge that lasted me a week.

The rest went to the dogs so we were all happy.

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