Canine Scabies and
a Home Remedy for Mange

Let's approach canine scabies (sarcoptic mange in dogs) with what NOT TO DO so you avoid toxic overload for a sick dog and then I'll show you some dog home remedies. Sound good?

Even this pup could have canine scabies. Learn how to avoid this mange

First let's talk about symptoms of mange and take a quick look at the difference between demodectic mange in dogs and scabies.

Symptoms of Scabies

Mange mites remind me of  tiny crablike creatures but obviously they are not a crustacean. In the same family as ticks and spiders, and not visible by the naked eye, they are tiny predators that burrow under the skin to live, feed and breed.

They cause terrible itching and can often be misdiagnosed as a severe allergic skin reaction. Even a skin scraping may fail to see these tiny vermin.

Known medically as sarcoptic mange, usually the fun begins on the ears and elbows and here is what happens.

  • Red spots or pimple like dots may appear.
  • Intense scratching with skin becoming more and more inflamed.
  • Pungently foul odor as it progresses.
  • Even YOU may get a scattering of red itchy dots on your arms or where clothing is snug against the body (like waistband). Don't panic though; while they can annoy you, they cannot actually live and breed on you like the dog so they will go away.
  • If misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction, a cortisone injection doesn't stop itching for more than a day.

Both types of mange are mites, but demodectic mange mites stay in the hair follicle.

What Not To Do for Canine Scabies

Even if it sounds backwards, I'm starting with what NOT TO DO for sarcoptic mange in dogs. Why? Because I hate to see any dog's body become damaged by drugs, insecticides or anything else the body sees as toxic.

Plus, the sicker the dog, the worse it gets.

  • Do not give vaccinations whenever your dog is not in tip top shape. Vaccines stress the immune system, leaving your dog in a weakened state. Plus the proof is growing that many diseases are actually caused by over-vaccinating.
  • Injectable Ivermectin is not only toxic but immune suppressive. I would never allow my vet to use it on my dogs.
  • No cortisone. It doesn't really work for canine scabies and the side effects are not worth it.
  • Avoid the harsh medical "dip" if possible. (See How to Boost the Immune System) If not, use this toxic treatment only once and improve health with nutritionally dense foods and supplements to boost the immune system.

You know, I've got to tell you something. After 300 plus pages on this website, it all comes down to the same thing. Healthy dogs don't get sick.

Some days I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall from repeating the same things over and over. Whether it's sarcoptic mange in dogs, demotectic mange in dogs or renal failure. The bottom line is watching what goes in and what comes out.

Dogs that are not healthy are weak so they are perfect hosts for mites, fleas and any other disease they come in contact with.

Check out those quotes in the right column. Those wise men are still correct.

How to Get Rid of Mange Mites Naturally

  • Wash your dog's bedding, with bleach if possible.
  • Use bleach in water or Tea Tree Oil in water for cleanup around the house.
  • Make a dog spray using 1/4th cup hydrogen peroxide (the 3% solution); 3/4 cup water ; with six drops tea tree oil, lavender oil, cedar oil or a mixture of any of the three, in a spray bottle and use twice a day.
  • Improve your dog's diet. A truly healthy dog is not susceptible. Switching to raw dog food, human grade home made dog food  or a very high grade commercial dog food will do wonders for dog health.

For more information about mange in dogs, head on over to Home Remedy For Mange. There is a very good supplement but you'll have to click over there to see what is so good about it.

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