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as Dog nutrition supplements?

Chinese medicinal herb combinations have stood the test of time and I love using them to heal dogs. After all herbs are foods used as medicine are they not?

We westerners tend to think of a nutritional supplement as vitamins and minerals but I don’t think that is accurate. We now know isolating vitamins and putting them in a pill doesn’t do much. Whole foods have the power to heal and herbs are whole foods (plants) used as medicine.

A dog nutrition supplement nourishes the body to add where food is lacking. Sometimes it isn’t a problem with the food itself but the ability to break down and use it (incorporate it into the body as in digestion).

When organs are weak or sluggish due to poor diet, the affects of over vaccinating and drugs, or an inherited weakness we need to help them heal and rebuild healthy tissue.

Chinese medicinal herb combinations are an excellent choice. While I don’t claim to understand Chinese medicine; yin and yang; hot and cold, I find it fascinating and my own naturopath uses many Chinese herbal supplements along with homeopathic combinations.

Since I began using NSP products and recommending them to my clients for dog health issues, a few Chinese medicinal herb combinations stand out.

KB-C helped this dog immensely. Chinese medicinal herbs are not just for people.

KB-C, Chinese  (#1883-3) is a favorite Chinese Medicinal Herb remedy for renal support and kidney disease in dogs. Canine kidney support is useful in many other situations as well, such as uncontrollable diarrhea or aging issues in dogs.

Kidneys are a filter. They don’t just create urine. They remove wastes, control the internal chemical balance and blood pressure, help make red blood cells and help keep bones healthy. When they’re not working, the body is poisoned.

Unfortunately we can’t see what the kidneys are doing but there are signs when kidney support is needed.

What I didn’t understand until one of my dogs was 12 and no longer the bulky muscular pit bull he once was, it was due to his kidneys and not ‘normal aging’. Boy did I feel like a dummy. But then my vet never mentioned the correlation either.

Kidney Activator, Chinese (#1872-5) may be used to stimulate the healing of kidney if the dog’s constitution is strong enough.

Note: Never choose herbal supplements arbitrarily. Please ask for help. The point isn’t to make a sale; it’s to help your dog. I’ve had many people contact me giving me a long list of things they’re giving their dog which frightens me.

You can overstimulate your dog’s system and cause him harm. Not only that, you’ll have no way of knowing what works and what doesn’t. Herbal combinations are not like a drug that immediately stops symptoms. They take time to work since they are helping the body heal.

I rarely suggest the use of over three supplements at one time. We just want things that work in unison.

Liver Balance, Chinese (#1860) As the name implies helps with liver issues including dog liver disease. Once again, please ask. Often there is another supplement that works in conjunction with this to help heal your dog.

The liver is an amazing organ with a big job, one of which is to break down fats. If it can't break them down they will have to be stored. (Think about those fatty tumors.) I'd certainly rather help the body  get rid of them naturally than cut them our. After all, if the cause isn't addressed, the dog will just grow more lipomas.

It bothers me when a vet says fatty tumors are nothing to worry about. Granted they are not cancerous but it is still an SOS from the body that something is wrong. Why else would it store fat? And wouldn't healing it sooner rather than later help prevent other diseases?

For more on what the liver does, see Dog Liver Health and for more on fatty tumors and how to get rid of them check out  my page Canine Lipoma.

Reminder: For maximum healing from herbs or supplements for your canine, dog food nutrition is paramount.

I know there are hundreds of Chinese medicinal herb combinations and I only touched on the three most popular.  You can click on their names to find the list of ingredients in each one.

To find out why I only recommend one brand, please read Why NSP ?

A Story About My First Chinese Medicine

You might consider using Chinese herbs for yourself also. I had a favorite I kept in my medicine chest when my kids were little. Originally given to me by my naturopathic physician, it became a favorite for phlemy coughs with congestion.

Now fairly common where natural remedies are sold,  It's called Sanshedan Herbal Extract.

Each dose of San She Dan comes in a tiny individual bottle with a miniature straw (fun for kids) and has a sweet honey-like taste.

None of my kids ever looked forward to taking medicine until Sanshedan  and they always wanted to know what was in each medicine I gave them. Well this remedy, along with the herb fritillaria, has snake bile extract.

If you've not been exposed to this sort of thing you may want to gag or at least click off this page, but this stuff works! Of course my kids' classmates thought I was weird because my boys bragged that they took 'snake pee-pee', but life goes on.

The best part is six years or so after our introduction to it, my husband's best friend had a case of bronchitis that just wouldn't go away. He was sick and just plain worn out. My son told him he should take 'snake pee-pee'. I smiled and went rummaging through my medicine box where I found a few tiny bottles which I handed him.

While the look on his face was priceless, he took the San She Dan and two days later was completely healed.

To this day, even though they're all grown now,  they still call it 'snake pee-pee'.


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I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.