Where Does Chronic Inflammation Come From?

What is chronic inflammation in dogs and what does it have to do with canine disease or various ailments our dogs encounter?

In today's dog talk Tuesday we begin with the point of inflammation for self healing and how it can become chronic and lead to even more problems with dog health.

But first, I have to share the weekly photo.

It's a personal moment between Lulu and me. I don't know when we got in the habit of this but touching foreheads in the quiet of the evening is our way of saying "Thanks for being there for me."

I like reminding her I'm grateful to have her in my life. When she closes her eyes and sighs, words aren't needed.

Enough of my sappy self. Time for Sandra and I to talk about chronic inflammation so. . .

have a listen.

Wait, one more quick note about the beginning. When you video yourself the way we do - it comes out reversed and it still confuses me sometimes. You should try it. Especially when you try to adjust something on your right only to find it isn't there because it's on your left. Oh, what the heck.

Let's get started.

So what kinds of things can cause internal inflammation? Let's go over that again. Improper foods such as sugar. Please note here:

All carbohydrates are converted to sugar. So we're not just talking about white flour, wheat flour and grains here; but also potatoes, rice, fruits and most veggies. For many dogs nowadays this is the bulk of their dietary intake so you can see why so many dogs have ongoing problems.

Also the extended use of drugs and vaccines can cause quite a ruckus.

What is Chronic Inflammation?

Okay, so there's short term inflammation which can be healed either by the body (like when the body gets a good whack that leaves a swollen lump) or improper foods like Sandra mentioned getting a headache from certain foods. With that, by stopping the ingestion of those foods, the problem goes away naturally as long as it's not repeated constantly.

Chronic swelling is another beast because the underlying problem has not been resolved leading to deeper issues. Remember any illness or condition that ends in -itis is a chronic inflammatory condition.

Here's a few to think about: arthritis, colitis, dermatitis, gastritis, mastitis, bronchitis, bursitis, gingivitis, pancreatitis. Can you believe all those diseases/conditions are about swelling that doesn't just go away?

Can you see how prevention can be so powerful? Why can I? I'm grateful neither Lulu or I, at middle age, have never had to deal with anything like those conditions even though many consider it a normal part of aging. 

It isn't.


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