Constipation In Dogs

There are several ways to cure constipation in dogs. Knowing the causes will help avoid a recurrence. Here's both.

Canine constipation can be caused by any of the following:

  • lack of exercise 
  • being left for long periods of time
  • not enough water
  • commercial dog food eventually becomes hard to digest
  • a combination of any or all of these

What Does Exercise Have to do With it?

Moving the outside gets the inside moving!

Exercise is important for massaging the internal organs and increasing blood flow throughout the body. It also gets the immune system working.

If you've ever had surgery yourself and couldn't 'go' after all that lying around, you'll understand.

Long walks or a good game of fetch are both excellent choices. For more ideas click on the exercise link on the right.

If You Are Gone for Long Periods of Time

Your dog, wanting to be good, may have simply held it too long.

Does that sound silly? 

Once the body has gotten used to holding, the system gets backed up. Literally, his feces get so compacted it's much harder to relieve oneself and constipation is the result.

Regular exercise will help.

Curing Constipation in Dogs Now

If you feed dry or can dog food:

  • add fresh pulverized or cooked vegetables. Carrots are a favorite with many dogs. The natural fiber and water content of vegetables get things moving.
  • A favorite quick fix for constipation is PLAIN can pumpkin. Most dogs will eat it plain and think it's an awesome treat. For more on the value of pumpkin for dogs, click on that page link.

I buy several cans during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season because that's the only time I know I can find it. Plain pumpkin has nutritional value as well.

So not only is it good for your dog constipation... it actually helps stop diarrhea. (Practically a miracle food don't you think?)

Heck, if it's summertime, you can turn the leftover into pumpkin-sicles and let your dog have an ice cube size one as a treat on the back porch.

More Remedies for Canine Constipation 

  • If your dog's poop seems dry, add 1/2 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon of bran to each meal depending on size and weight. It will help the stools retain additional moisture.
  • Powdered psyllium seed from the health food store works also, but use less; only 1/4 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons.
  • Mineral oil can be used on a temporary basis. 1/2 to 2 teaspoons to the food once a day (again, depending on the size of your dog) until he poops. (And you can find it in any drug store.)

Mineral oil works because it remains undigested as it passes through. Prolonged use can create a dependency and take vitamin A from your dog's body.

* * *

Remember your dog is less likely to go if you wake him from a nap for potty time. Get him moving first and he's much more apt to go in a shorter amount of time.

For a puppy constipation, especially in young orphan puppies, please read Puppy Constipation.

Food for thought: And of course, there's always the option of changing his diet. In the several years I've fed my dogs raw dog food, I have not seen constipation; their poop is smaller, it's easier for them to go and their energy is awesome!

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