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Need help?  Before you contact me, let me ask you a question.

Do you go to work every day for free?

Can you find the pit bull? Is dog health hiding from you like Lulu in these houseplants?Is Dog Health Hiding From You Like Lulu in These Houseplants?

Me either.

Since I have spent years learning to do what I do, I take being a holistic dog health coach very seriously. 

I absolutely love that I have been able to help so many dogs through their people. Some as far away as South America, South Africa and Singapore. How cool is that?

If you have have a question...

Rule #1 -Don't be lazy!

Many questions can be answered by using the search this site page. That's why I wrote hundreds of pages for you.


What if You Have a Dog Health Problem and You Need Me Right Now?

No problem! If your dog has a health challenge and you'd like to pick my brain, get recommendations etc. I am happy to help.

This may need several emails back and forth before I can give you a specific plan for your pooch. 

To get started, please click on the PayPal link below and make a payment of $95 and be ready to take action.

Fill out the form with as much detail as possible. The more details you can give me, the better I can help you. Why?

Symptoms are only part of the puzzle.

They are NOT the root cause.

Once I see your payment has posted I will answer your questions and ask you more questions until I understand what is going on and I can suggest a specific program.

Note: I had a woman who paid, filled out the form and wrote two pages giving me her dog's history in detail and included the health problems her dog was currently faced with. Then apologized for being lengthy.

Bless her! It made my job so much easier. Plus, I respected her for taking the time.

Obviously she truly loved her dog and was ready to heal her.

And I am thrilled that I could help.

Please make your payment and fill out the form.

You may want to write out the details in something like notepad for easier viewing while you write; then simply copy and paste in the box below.

Dog Health Questions

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If You Want to Contact Me About Diet

This is a very popular reason people seek my assistance. Because the answer is complex and depends on several factors, you will be better served by taking one or more of my classes.

You'll be glad you did. There are 3 class options on the subject. All include a free audio version with purchase:

Choosing the Best Commercial Dog Food

Let's combine science with common sense. (You can learn something for free just by watching the video on it.)

The Big Wide World of Dog Treats

Do you show your love with treats? With thousands of choices out there with just as many claims of being healthy - learn the tricks and truths about this gigantic industry and what's really good with my rating system.

The Ultimate Guide to Raw Feeding

There is so much conflicting information out there, I just had to set the record straight. My class combines scientific research along with over 20 years experience feeding raw.


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