Curing Allergies and Food Allergies in Dogs

Curing allergies can be simple if you know where to look. Whether its curing asthma in people or canine skin disorders including hot spots and flea dermatitis. Here's my story.

I'm going to use a human example to make my point.

Back in 1989 I moved from San Francisco to Atlanta.

My kids were 2 1/2 and six months old. Yes, it's been awhile. You don't need to remind me. (Instead see it as I have LOTS of experience.)

I'd rarely been sick in my life but the first few years in Atlanta I suffered from chronic sinus infections. I averaged a round of antibiotics every 8 - 12 weeks. Then I was diagnosed with asthma. Various inhalers were added to my repertoire of medications. I constantly had the shakes and couldn't sleep at night.

How could I go about curing allergies when everyone was calling Atlanta the 'Allergy Capital of the World'?

The real shocker was when my youngest was also diagnosed with asthma at two-years-old and put on a nebulizer. Seeing my baby hooked up to a machine with a mask covering his face broke my heart. The side effect of hyperactivity was hard to deal with.

One rainy afternoon, he peeled off his clothes, got over the back gate and was discovered trying to climb into the neighbor's yard to play with their dog. To this day I don't know how he did it so fast.

When he was four, another parent at his preschool class took me aside and asked me about his diet. I thought she was presumptuous,  off her rocker and a pain in the ass. (How's that for honesty?)

I rarely had sodas, sugar or junk foods in my house and thought I was doing a marvelous job in the nutrition department.

She asked me about dairy foods. Of course my kids had dairy. It was good for them! She explained because of the pasteurization process (heat to kill bacteria which also killed enzymes and nutrients) and a few other reasons, dairy was NOT good and was probably the cause of my son's asthma. She also gave me a rundown on the side effects of the steroids he was taking.

I argued with her but in the end, agreed to try her suggestion. After all, what if I was wrong? What could it hurt? I took my son off of all milk and cheese products for three weeks. Lo and behold, his asthma disappeared.

When I excitedly reported my results to his pediatrician, she told me I was wrong and I would be calling soon for more medicine.

My son is now 22-years-old and hasn't had asthma or any other allergies in 18 years.

What about me are you wondering? It took a bit more to fix me. After all the antibiotics, I had to use probiotics for quite a while, but I no longer have asthma and haven't had a sinus infection in 21 years either. I never drink milk, but do allow myself a little cheese.

The point I want to make now is whether curing asthma, or curing allergies, if you put the right food in your body, the body can cure itself.

You haven't lived if you haven't seen yellow pollen covering cars, sidewalks and windows. Most people think it's annoying. Not only do I find it amazing, I am thrilled I can breath deeply without any problems at all.

* * *

Now take this story and apply it to food allergies in dogs. The more processed the foods ingested, the more likely a dog will have canine skin disorders, hot spots, and flea dermatitis.

I'd like you to humor me and click over to dog food manufacturing. Then it would be awesome if you post how you feel about it below.

If we would just open our eyes to what is going into our dogs we could cure them without drugs, without side effects and just maybe we would also see that the makers of vaccines are like dog food manufacturers.

It's all about money and not our dog's health.

Health, as it turns out, is totally up to us.

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