Dog Brushing - Could it be Better than Bathing?

Dog brushing feels good. Your pooch is perfectly happy and it likely calms you both. So how can we compare it to a bath?

I know it sounds funny, but let's look at how the body works because there are more benefits to brushing that fur than sudsing it up with doggie shampoo. Who would have thought that?

I was trying to brush Lulu while taking a picture. Even this one took a dozen tries. She kept leaning into the brush. Silly girl. By the way, I prefer a boars hair bristle brush for her short fur.

Let's go over bathing first. If you bathe your dog, there's the filling the tub and getting everything ready part. There might even be a talk-the-dog-into-it part. Lots of dogs get stressed here but that's not the real issue.

The issue is the next part.

Dog shampoos and especially medicated shampoos are very harsh on the skin, stripping the skin's protective layer. It's called the skin mantle (and we have one too). It's a very fine, somewhat acidic film acting as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants that might penetrate the skin.

By killing it, and stripping it away, the dog is left like a sitting duck, left without that protection.

If that dog's owner notices anything developing on the skin she might just think it's time for a stronger shampoo to kill more stuff.

Could that be you? It was a common misconception for years so don't feel bad. It can grow back in time.

Now we'll move on to brushing.

Dog Brushing Benefits

Aside from making your pooch feel pampered and grunting with joy, here is what happens when you brush. 

  • Dead skin cells are cleared away helping the skin do it's job
  • Brushing stimulates the sebaceous glands (those little oil ducts that not only keep the skin and fur looking good but that released oil protects the skin from bacteria)
  •  It stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage (the lymph system is a part of the immune system that clears away bad stuff)
  • And another small bonus is getting that  loose hair that's going to fall out anyway.

Always keep in mind that the skin is the largest organ of the body in size. Not only does skin protect all of us - it also absorbs what in comes in contact with.

From now on. . .

whenever you are about to put something on your dog. . .

ask yourself if it's something you want her to eat.

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