Dog Care Upset Stomach
and Causes of Dog Stomach Problems

Need dog care upset stomach remedy ideas? A few over the counter medicines can be used for our canine kids but dog stomach problems have many causes and many cures as well. How a about natural cure?

If you’re a Pepto-Bismal or Kaopectate kind of person, you can use half the dose you would give a child and go away because this website is about healing, not using drugs.

On the other hand, if you would like to understand the possible culprits and what natural alternatives to use to make your dog better instead of reducing symptoms, keep reading. (Aren’t I opinionated?)

Causes of Dog Stomach Problems

Okay, there could be a host of reasons but to simplify it a bit, here’s a list:

  • Food
  • Bacteria
  • Viral Infection

So here’s my thinking. If you give Pepto-Bismal or Kaopectate for dog vomiting or diarrhea, it may halt whichever one it is, but it’s not curing the cause. Neither will it kill bacteria or a virus or make the food healthier.

Probiotics for Dogs

If your dog's stomach seems upset all the time, no matter what food he eats (you do have him on a healthy diet right?), start with Dog Probiotics because they will balance out the intestinal bacteria and improve digestion.

This really works. It's what I use for myself and what I gave my kids when they complained of tummy upsets. I never had to give them Pepto-Bismol! Probiotics ARE bacteria. We tend to think of bacteria as a bad thing but it’s needed for many functions in the body and we would die without it. The problem lies in the lack of balance.

Also, if there are plenty of good bacteria, they can and do overwhelm much of the nasty stuff.

Probiotics are especially important after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics kill all bacteria, the good along with the bad. If your dog has taken this kind of medication several times, his intestines really need help. (And the same goes for you!)

The use of antibiotics isn't the only thing that destroys good bacteria. Poor diet, stress, pollutants, environmental changes, and other prescription drugs can also deplete beneficial bacteria. Even using chlorinated tap water for dogs is a bad thing.

My favorite probiotic to use is Probiotics Eleven because it has 11 strains of bacteria and can be used for both me and my dogs so there is always some in the fridge.

Viral and Bacterial Problems

For dog stomach problems due to viral or bacterial sources, I used echinecea and goldenseal effectively for years. The combination because the first fights viral infections and the second is more for bacteria so it covers the bases without any side effects and boosts the immune system.

Nowadays my favorite home remedy from my medicine chest is Natures Sunshine’s Silver Shield. Not only does it work for both viral and bacterial infections, it's tasteless which makes it far easier to give to dogs (and kids too).


Homeopathic Remedy Ipecac is good for vomiting and has no side effects. For dosage and more information on dog vomiting, please read Stop Dog Vomiting.

Dog Care Upset Stomach – Diarrhea

First I empty the contents of 1 to 3 capsules of Probiotics Eleven into the palm of my hand and the dogs lick it like candy. If it's a bad case of diarrhea, they miss a meal or two.

Often I serve plain can pumpkin. You don't have to worry about how much pumpkin to serve because it's nourishing and also helps eliminate constipation in dogs. I was surprised when I tried it with one of my dogs. I scooped some into her bowl and she acted like it was a special treat.

The cause of diarrhea in dogs can be from stress, bacteria, a change in food, dog treats or human snack foods. Many ingredients, flavorings or even food dyes can cause diarrhea, so be a label reader.

There is a natural purpose for diarrhea and if your dog suffers from it often, click on the above page. Obviously, if there is blood you should be concerned and figure out the cause. Start at bloody diarrhea.

Also, it can be a sign of IBD or IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which if not addressed correctly will eventually cause kidney damage, renal failure and your dog will die. You know I hate to make things sound worse than they are but more people come to me with this problem than any other.

Please READ about this stuff. Know what to look for and learn how you can cure the problem instead of stopping the symptoms.

Note: NEVER push your dog to eat when he has diarrhea.

Dog Care Upset Stomach – Constipation

If your dog is constipated, head on over to Constipation in Dogs.

Dog Loss of Appetite

With an upset stomach, if the dog will not eat, that is usually a good thing. Fasting is a natural way to let the body heal. Dogs know instinctually when to rest and let nature take its course. Especially with diarrhea, fasting lets the body rest after working so hard to get something bad out of the body.

If you want to keep basics on hand, go to natural home remedies where I have a list of human grade remedies you can actually share with your dog. The first two on the list I ALWAYS have and they've never let me down. What are they? Probiotics Eleven and Liquid Silver Shield.

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Important Notice

I sell NSP (Nature's Sunshine) herbs and supplements for your dog. While these are strictly tested and made for human consumption, I am the only one in the United States successfully using them for dogs for over a decade now.

To get proper doses for your dog you must purchase through me. I've spent a great deal of time learning the right combinations and doses per weight for your canine kid.