Dog Dandruff

One easy step to cure dog dandruff and why bathing makes it and many other skin disorders worse.

Don't let dog dandruff get you down. It's easy to cure.I thought this was the perfect page to show off my friend Sharon Krock's artwork.

My dogs no longer scratch or have skin problems so I thought I'd share some things I've learned over the decades.

The most important by far is to remember that the skin is an organ.

That's right.

Just like the kidneys and liver, the skin has a job to do and it can give us a clue about what's going on inside our dogs just by looking at it.

What the heck does the skin do? Well, aside from being a fur enhanced adorable covering, it is literally the go-between between inside and out.

Your dog's skin absorbs everything it touches and it also releases things from the inside like toxins so that tells us that any skin disorders including dandruff are a message from the body that it needs help.

What Not to Do for Dog Dandruff

This is so simple yet it seems practically everyone gets this wrong.

  • Do not bathe your dog more than twice a MONTH
  • Do not use medicated shampoos
  • Do not use chemical sprays

See how easy that is? All these things will make the problem worse, not better in the long run because we keep trying to treat the dandruff instead of helping the body fix it.

Commercial Dog Foods & Skin Disorders

So how can we help the body fix it? Real food! The truth is all commercial dog foods are incomplete because they're processed. There's many pages on this website which explain canine nutrition and how to cure specific maladies but dog dandruff is the easiest by far.

Adding fish oil might work and might not. The easiest and most healthy addition to your dog's diet is canned sardines. I kid you not. And if you buy dog kibble that has fish oil or omega EFA's it's likely doing more harm than good.

Let me explain.

Omega EFAs and Sardines

No doubt you've heard of Omega EFAs which stand for Essential Fatty Acids. And essential is right. Without them, a dog's coat is dry and flaky. 

There are three types of Omegas. One Omega 6 from the fat of things like beef and chicken and two Omega 3s which come from the fat of cold water fish. Not all fish; so using plain fish oil doesn't fill the bill.

To top it off, Omega 3 is very sensitive and goes rancid easily. Rancid food is a toxin and invites health problems and disease.

Never buy a dog food with Omega 3 added to it and note that any dog kibble should be used within 3 weeks of opening the bag because once air is introduced by opening that bag it begins to deteriorate even though you can't tell by looking at it.

Even though I feed raw to my 75 pound dog Lulu and her coat is great, I love adding a 4 ounce can of wild caught sardines a few times a week because a healthy dose of Omega 3s also improves brain function which means your dog will listen better too.

And if you feed commercial dog food, adding sardines is the perfect choice for all the omegas. High in protein as well, it's the easiest way I know to improve your dog's coat and skin from the inside out.

The way all healing should take place.

* * *

Again I'd like to thank Sharon Krock for the use of her artwork and if you'd like to see what else she does, visit her website Dog Gone Fun Gift Basket Ideas.

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