Dog Disease and
Canine Illnesses

Does dog disease attack like a thief in the night? Of course not. Here’s how ailments, illnesses and diseases happen and how to cure many sick dogs with natural remedies. I will walk you through it.

Let's start with how the body works.

Ever notice at the office when a cold or flu bug goes around there’s always someone who doesn’t catch it?

Or one person gets it and it turns into pneumonia while another catches it but gets over it in a day or two?

It’s not luck, it’s the immune system.

And those who don't get sick are usually the ones who irritate you because they eat healthy. You know, they don't do the fast food thing and have an apple for a snack instead of a bag of chips?

That should be our first clue for dog health as well.

Taking drugs further depletes the immune system, whether it's an over the counter remedy or a prescription which widens the gulf between the healthy and not so healthy. Why?

Because drugs must be processed just like food. It doesn't matter whether we're talking about you or your dog. Since drugs are not a natural substance, they put stress on the body as it does it's darnedest to filter them out.

Long term drug use for dog ailments make matters worse by eventually damaging vital organs, such as the liver or kidneys, ultimately causing them to fail. See rimadyl side effects as an example.

So how do we get our canines off this roller coaster? We slowly build strength in the organs and the immune system while treating the dog disease in a less invasive way so the body is actually healing the disease the way nature intended.

What is less invasive? Herbal remedies that don't have side effects, and a  replacement for antibiotics that doesn't kill beneficial bacteria the body needs to thrive. What amazes me is that sometimes they work better and faster.

Healing or Controlling a Specific Dog Disease

A tricky dog ailment is Giardia because antibiotics don't always kill this nasty little one celled protozoa. In fact they can be living in your dog and not show up when your vet tests for it. Read about the cure without side effects at Giardia in Dogs.

Another one celled protozoa we may need to address is Canine Coccidia. I've only seen it once in my house in my lifetime and it was a puppy who needed help. Poor baby!

I've got to talk about a couple very similar dog ailments, one of which I dealt with the wrong way years ago before I knew better and my dog suffered. 

You see, many things we consider as diseases are actually present in healthy dogs but simply don't cause a problem because they don't grow out of control. By treating them with (in the case of the next two) insecticides, we ruin our dog's immune system completely.

I'm talking about Mange. My poor baby ...well you can read about her at  the end of my page on  Home Remedy for Mange where you can find out why some dogs get it and some don't, even though you can probably guess most of that by now.

And then what is Canine Scabies? Another form of mange known as sarcoptic mange, these little crablike creatures cause itching, swelling and hair loss too! Yuck. Find out why you should spray them with lavender oil. (I know, I laughed at that one too.)

What about Lyme disease? Did you just shudder? I hope not. It's not that easy to get; you can stop it before it starts; and it can be successfully treated if you or the dog get it.  Treatment can take some time if you've had it awhile but it can be cured.  Head on over to Canine Lyme Disease and find out how to prevent it and cure it.

Actually if you want to shudder, you can do it over the Lyme vaccine because my sources say it doesn't work.

Next, let's get to the bottom of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Or should I say, cut the crap? Here's how to treat IBD and IBS and why you should never use prednisone. This may just be the most common dog disease I help dog owners handle.

Sometimes Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) are not totally cured but they become very manageable. That's also the case with a few others. In those cases we want to give herbal support for the specific organs which are affected while keeping a high standard of nutrition.

This brings to mind both pancreatitis and diabetes.

Let's start with dog pancreatitis. Inflammation or swelling of the pancreas is painful and can be deadly. It also tends to reoccur. Depending on the severity, your vet will fast your dog, put him on an IV and give your dog drugs to reduced swelling and curb the pain. By understanding it, you can avoid future issues or use natural remedies for dogs before it gets bad.

And while we're talking about the poor overworked pancreas, please learn about insulin resistance and syndrome X before your dog ends up with full blown diabetes or a damaged heart.

And naturally, this leads me to talk about  the proper canine diabetes treatment which is far more than insulin injections. By paying close attention to diet, exercise and supporting the organs with supplements you may be amazed at what could happen.

Vaccinations and Dog Disease

Basically we've added fuel to the fire called dog disease with bad dog food and over vaccination. Studies have shown the very things that are meant to preserve our dog's state of health are actually causing disease. (Look up the forty year study by noted veterinary immunologist, Dr. Ronald Schultz.)

There is a new saying about dog vaccinations. It's "One and done" because given at the right time one protects for life.

While I'm thinking about vaccines and dog disease, I'd like to share a bit about what used to be the most dreaded dog disease on the planet so check out Dogs with Rabies. It might surprise you.

I'd also like to draw your attention to Canine Circovirus for a minute. Discovered in 2012, some fear it may reach epidemic proportions without a vaccine. What are they thinking? For heavens sake, is this dog virus any more than a cold?

And here's what you should know about Lepto. In the 1996 Canine Health concern vaccine survey, 100% of cases of leptospirosis in dogs occurred in dogs who had been vaccinated within three months prior to being infected by this disease. So learn more by clicking on the link.

A Few Last Notes

Never take your dog off of a prescription without first discussing it with your vet or another professional. Why? Prednisone as an example, is a powerful drug and must be decreased slowly or your dog could die.

I will suggest remedies on many of these pages for true healing and where you can get them. If your pooch is already suffering from one of these maladies and is on prescription drugs, please understand their side effects.

If you are trying to handle multiple problems, or cannot find the answers you need on this site, contact me for assistance. But please do a site search first because I get lots of questions and the more I get, the longer it takes me to reply!

There are also pages about the body systems and how they work. It's good to know how the liver works, what the kidneys do and what happens to food during the digestive process.

Take your time here.  Get to know your dog inside and out. Besides, I didn't write all these pages just to hear myself talk. They are for you because knowledge is understanding.

I hope you will take advantage of all the information I share for your dog's health and happiness. Since I can't hug them all, this is the next best thing.

~ ~ ~

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